This Uber clone bans men from using its ride sharing service

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Meet SheTaxis, the latest “strong and independent” app that is essentially Uber or Lyft, with one caveat…men cannot use the service.
The app is currently operating in New York, Long Island and Westchester County with all female drivers and all female customers.
The Verge reports:

In some ways, it’s surprising it took this long to create a women-only taxi service. Sexual assault by cab drivers is a real and serious issue, so it’s understandable if women prefer a female driver. Because of widespread gender discrimination in the livery business, it’s hard to find one through traditional channels. As the Times piece points out, just five percent of black car drivers in the city are women. Yellow cab numbers are even worse, with female drivers accounting for just over one percent of the city’s cabs. As a result, finding female drivers has become a real niche, and one that SheTaxis seems to have all to itself.

When in doubt, play the sexual assault card, works every time.
With this logic we might as well ban men from busses, airplanes, offices, restaurants etc…
The Verge post is trying to demonising men (professional, licensed taxi drivers) as this evil entity that simply can’t help their sexual urges when placed in proximity with a woman.
The fact that bloggers are calling the banning of men from this app an actual product feature is pathetic. We call it a stupid PR stunt aimed at tapping into herd mentality, and flat out misandry.
Let’s face it, if a taxi/ride sharing app came out that banned women, the entire western world would be up in arms, white knights mobilised to take action and destroy the app and its founders.
Never mind that such an app is 100% illegal, and probably breaks a dozen public transportation laws…but being that it is a female initiative we are sure that it will get a pussy pass and operate unhindered.
One commenter on reddit said it best:

I’m sure this is against the rules of most taxi commissions. You can’t refuse a fare, someone hails you and you have to pick them up. And considering both lyft and uber have already had trouble with those commissions, I doubt this will take off.
Otherwise, we’d have cabbies passing little old ladies to pick up rich businessmen, skipping those with gangster vibe to snag a bachelorette party, and kicking out soccer moms and kids to escort a Biden.
It’s a feature neither Uber nor Lyft is offering, and it turns out to be something a lot of customers are willing to pay for.

The Verge goes on to advocate exactly what was mentioned above…ban men everywhere:

In other words, banning men can be a completely legitimate business decision. It’s the kind of innovation the tech industry is built on, and there’s no reason to stop at taxis. Are we ready for Facebook without men? A search engine that deprecates male results? A male-resistant iPhone 6? We can only imagine.

Yes, we can only imagine, a world without men….good luck with that male-resistant iPhone 6. Let’s see who will mine the precious metals that go into the device, deliver the raw materials to the production plants, assemble the machine and ship it out to stores. Never mind the great MALE minds that went into the actual vision for such innovations.
The iPhone is a true innovation. An app with a gimmick to ban men, under the guise of sexual assault, is a cheap marketing ploy catering to bitter women and championed by horny, desperate male betas hoping that their support and “niceness” will land them a bone. Poor white knights, they never learn.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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