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Two months of protests in Bulgaria. Pro-EU Borisov corruption angers citizens

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On 2 September Bulgarians took again to the streets in a culminating moment of the last two months. Violent clashes between football hooligans and the police obscure an aggravated tension in the country between citizens and a corrupt political class.

While the parliament was resuming after summer break, protesters called for a Grand National Uprisal aiming not only to regain post-vacation momentum, but also forcing Borisov to resign.

As it turns out, the Prime Minister once more outsmarted the people.  Officials signaled that the GERB ruling party would withdraw from the government and most of the political parties were sceptical about the idea for a new constitution put forward by Boris Borisov.

Although the protests commenced early in the morning and the number of protesters was impressive, by the afternoon Borisov gained the upper hand, when it became apparent that his project for a new constitution received the necessary 120 votes and can be proceeded in the Bulgarian parliament.

Bulgarian constitution can be changed only by a Grand National Assembly, the convention of which requires the support of at least 160 of the 240 MPs. Although Borisov knows that his initiative will not have that majority, the processing of the new constitutional project will secure his power by the end of his term in March 2021.

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Two months of protests in Bulgaria. Pro-EU Borisov corruption angers citizens.

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