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Turkish point guards shoot protesters against them, west of Aleppo

The guards of the Turkish point in the village of “Abyan Samaan”, west of Aleppo, shot demonstrators who went out in protest demonstrations to demand the restoration of their homes that had been seized by the Turkish soldiers to establish their observation point.

A local source said that the protesters continued to demonstrate over the past three days, and gathered in front of the Turkish point to demand the restoration of their homes, while the guards of the observation post responded by firing in the air to disperse the protesters.

The source added that members of the Turkish-backed “23rd Division” who are in charge of guarding the Turkish point clashed with the protesters and beat them, which resulted in / 3 / injuries among their ranks.

The Turkish observation point is located in the areas controlled by armed groups, where the Turkish forces had previously withdrawn all their points from the areas controlled by the Syrian army, noting that the Turkish points that were established in the “de-escalation” area seized public and private facilities, agricultural lands, and homes to deploy their soldiers in an unjust manner. Legitimate, to add to the wide record of Turkish violations since the entry of its forces to Syrian territory

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