Tucker Carlson examines how liberals choose to ignore facts and cry racism (Video)

“Nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth”

Tucker Carlson examines the fact that ‘nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth’ and liberals choose to ignore facts and cry racism on immigration.

Trump may be a bit crude and rude, but according to this writer, the current POTUS is telling the truth on immigration and America should listen and debate the issues, not the political correctness of comments.

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john vieira
john vieira
January 17, 2018

Tucker Carlson…there is no reprieve for the brain washed to the point of brain dead…the loathsome corrupt mainstream media continues unabashed sinking to lower and lower depths…as “…the low information voters(people in general) have solidified their opinion and are NOT interested in the truth….” hence they keep putting out their bile which the dotards swallow whole well knowing that these same morons WILL NOT pay attention to their retractions…and will actually vilify people like yourself for daring to expose their cupidity/stupidity….

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