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Trump’s speech validates Giuliani’s Iranian regime change statements

Giuliani revealed the true reason why Trump wants out of the Iran nuclear deal

On Saturday, Rudy Giulani, speaking to the Iran Freedom Convention for Democracy and Human Rights, said that as soon as the sanctions are reimplemented on Iran that it will spur more protests leading to regime change.

The State Dept was quick to denounce his statements as anything legitimate, but lo and behold, today, at the end of Trump’s announcement about the JCPOA, he validated Giuliani’s statements. State Dept spokesman Heather Nauert responded “[Giuliani] speaks for himself and not on behalf of the administration on foreign policy.”

It seems that here, at the end of Trump’s speech, Trump reveals his real motivations for withdrawing the US from the international Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to limit Iran’s nuclear development:

As we exit the Iran deal, we will be working with our allies to find a real, comprehensive, and lasting solution to the Iranian nuclear threat. This will include efforts to eliminate the threat of Iran’s ballistic-missile program, to stop its terrorist activities worldwide, and to block its menacing activity across the Middle East. In the meantime, powerful sanctions will go into full effect. If the regime continues its nuclear aspirations, it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before.

Finally, I want to deliver a message to the long-suffering people of Iran: The people of America stand with you. It has now been almost 40 years since this dictatorship seized power and took a proud nation hostage. Most of Iran’s 80 million citizens have sadly never known an Iran that prospered in peace with its neighbors and commanded the admiration of the world. But the future of Iran belongs to its people. They are the rightful heirs to a rich culture and an ancient land and they deserve a nation that does justice to their dreams, honor to their history, and glory to their god.

His intention is to apply economic pressure on the Iranian people in an effort to ignite massive street protests, like their Armenian neighbors to the north, and as the Iranian people did at the beginning of the year, and maybe this time, actually achieve an overthrow of Rouhani’s regime, and maybe score some further destabilization points in the Middle East.

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