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Trump’s post-G20 Russiagate Tweets are HERE

Trump’s post-G20 Russiagate Tweets are HERE

Like the morning cock, Donald Trump’s Tweets after a major event are becoming events in themselves that one can set their watch to.

This time, Trump has spoken positively of the Syrian ceasefire agreement reached between the US, Russia and Jordan after the meeting between Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Sergey Lavrov and Rex Tillerson.

Trump also spoke of his desire to move on from the Russiagate fiasco before continuing to blast his favourite targets, the MSM and his domestic opposition, including Barack Obama.

Here is the series of Tweets in-full:

This is the clearest indication yet from Trump that he continues to blame internal US actors on fallout from the non-story that was and remains Russiagate.

His Tweet does not make it explicitly clear whether the matter of the DNC refusing to cooperate with US intelligence agencies was discussed during the Putin meeting and/or with others. The fact that Trump has left this open to interpretation will almost certainly be seized upon by the US mainstream media.

This does however allude to what Trump Tweeted at the beginning of the G20, saying that the DNC scandal and the Podesta emails were major casual talking points among world representatives in Hamburg.


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