Trump’s mission in Syria: A chemical formula

In the last six years or more Syria’s struggle has been an existential struggle. Its history and its culture have been threatened by external powers and their proxies who have tried to tear apart the Syrian State at all levels.

The liberation of Aleppo and then Palmyra by the Syrian Army came as a result of the Syrian people’s unshakable determination to stand united and to repel all imperialist attempts to prevail in Syria. However, the western powers and their regional allies have found a very effective formula to counter-act any gains made by the Syrian Army: To accuse the government of Syria of using chemical weapons. No need to investigate and present evidence, just wave images of suffering children supplied by the so-called White Helmets and other Al-nusra/ Al-Qaeda outfits, the very terrorists the US and its servile allies claim to be fighting.

It is by now a well known fact that the terrorists in the Middle East not only possess chemical weapons but they also have been trained to use them by their NATO backers.

The Syrian Army has been gaining more and more territory back from the terrorists whether through fierce battles or through reconciliation agreements. Therefore, there was no benefit to be achieved by using any chemical weapons. The terrorists, on the other hand, have every benefit to gain. Indeed, they launched fresh attacks on the Syrian Army immediately after the US strike, but more importantly they bargained on resuming their regime change agenda just as the signs from Washington were indicating a positive shift in favour of the Syrian government.

The Al-Qaeda terrorists have been in control of Idlib province since 2013 where they destroyed whole villages and towns and massacred their Christian and Druze population to the deafening silence of western media. The mainstream media completely ignores the innocent victims killed or maimed by the Al-Qaeda’s daily shelling of government controlled areas. Clearly the US/NATO and their regional lackeys are more concerned to protect the Al-Qaeda terrorists in order to use them as tools for regime change in Syria.

The latest American missile strike on Syria using a well orchestrated media fabrication is yet another cynical and desperate attempt to prolong the war and the suffering of the Syrian people. This is an extremely irresponsible and dangerous escalation which effectively assigns the US air force to the protection of Al-Qaeda: Yes Al-Qaeda now has its own air force. Therefore, we must expect more manufactured incidents involving the use of “chemical weapons” to happen quite regularly from now on. And no doubt Trump’s air force will come to the rescue of Al-Qaeda terrorists as they murder more innocent Syrian children and blame it on the Syrian government.

The Syrian Army has been fighting terrorism on behalf of all peace loving people in the world. If the Al-Qaeda terrorists are allowed to prevail in Syria, their flag will be flying not just in Syria but across the entire Middle East and beyond, with grave consequences for the whole world.

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