Trump wars: fights and loathing in the alt-media community

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I’ll proudly say it — I supported Trump in the past and and still do in some respects.

I’m 110% opposed to his international agenda, the details of which I outlined right after the election in one of my Sputnik articles (which trolls deliberately leave out of their infowar narratives about me), but still stand by his domestic policies.

People freak out because so many of them are rigid dogmatic ideologues who can’t separate issues and only believe in maximalist approaches of either totally supporting someone and every single thing they do or opposing the whole package.

Yes, it is possible to wholeheartedly condemn Trump for his unforgivable war crimes against Syria and elsewhere while praising his plans to build a border wall with Mexico, fight drugs and crime in America’s streets, and deport illegal aliens.

Trump either sold out to the “deep state”, “cut a deal with them”, or was lying this entire time. I accept this unfortunate reality, and he’s entirely responsible for every single thing that he does regardless of the reasons behind them.

Having said that, I’m not going to pretend like I never supported Trump beforehand and all of a sudden contradict my core beliefs in the urgent need to implement his domestic agenda.

Border security, law & order, revitalizing the Rust Belt, and bringing back jobs by reforming unfair trade acts are important issues for average Americans, which despite voting (or not), have practically zero influence whatsoever over their country’s foreign policies and “deep state” activities.

The American government is evil and there are many criticisms which can be leveled against American culture, but people are people no matter where you go in this world, and it’s wrong to be against the majority-innocent population no matter how strongly one may detest their overseers.

This standard applies to all people regardless of who they are or what country they live in. If someone hates a government, they shouldn’t hate the people that those said authorities preside over.

To get back to my example about the US, yes, Americans pay taxes and technically contribute to perpetuating everything that the US government does abroad, but people are insane for suggesting that they do anything different and go to jail as a sign of “protest”. These same people just talk, talk, talk, but pay their own taxes in other fellow NATO countries.

I don’t live in the US anymore and haven’t paid a single cent of taxes to the American government for almost 5 years now and never will again, so I can speak about these things from an elevated moral position (not that it makes any difference, and I’m definitely not judging anyone).

I am against the disappointing foreign policy manifestations of the Trump Administration in every single way, though I do understand the cold, ruthless, amoral power motivations behind them.

I’m not going to sink into an alternate reality of denial by pretending that they don’t exist and relying on the fake news which has taken over some segments of the Alt-Media Community to pathetically console myself.

Instead, I’m going to continue speaking out against everything that Trump does wrong and analyzing the end game behind his actions, though also pointing out whatever it is that he might do right on the domestic front if (key word) he delivers on his promises that I originally supported.

The world is getting more complicated than it’s ever been before, folks, and denying that reality won’t make it go away. Some people use drugs to cope, while others resort to fake news and related disinformation which purport to confirm their wishful thinking fantasies. Both are wrong, pathetic, and don’t change a single thing in real life.

Responsible and mature people should accept reality and speak out against things which contradict their core values. We’re human beings though, and our ideas evolve and are shaped by ever-changing circumstances. It’s okay to change our minds on things or be super disappointed whenever we’re let down by people who we once believed in such as Trump.

There’s no shame in that, it’s normal, and if anyone is trying to condemn you for previously supporting Trump or even simply being an American and/or living in the US as a law-abiding citizen (e.g. paying taxes), they’re the real problem, not you.

Those who viciously lash out at others who previously supported Trump are expressing their own personal insecurities through the comfort of cyberspace and would likely never behave like that to your face in real life. These cyber bullies need to called out and banished from the Alt-Media Community.

We can’t afford any more counterproductive infighting.

What we need to do is respect one another and treat everyone with the same sort of civility that we respect from them in return. This is a fundamental human right which has cut across cultures, religions, and civilizations for millennia.

If people can’t accept our multifaceted reality and want to attack others because we don’t conform to their myopic and dogmatic “either-or” maximalist ideologies, then those crazed “Secular Wahhabis” should take their extremism elsewhere in cyberspace because it’s not tolerated on my page.

The only way that the Alt-Media Community stands a chance at surviving the Trump debacle and everything related to it is by respecting one another and working together on issues of shared value convergences, such as opposing unipolar wars across the world, though accepting that differences of opinion will remain on other topics such as border security and trade for example.

I encourage all of my Alt-Media friends to adopt and practice this pragmatic mindset in order to rebuild our devastated online community and be more effective in what we aim to do.

Attacking people isn’t the way to go; we should only attack policies, ideas, and the physical manifestations thereof. We need to educate, respect, and ultimately accept people, even if what they end up believing is contradictory to our own values.

There are bigger fish to fry in this world than obsessing over personal spats of “I told you so!” and trying to “shame” each other for previously holding certain ideas. The more that we focus on one another, the more divided and weakened we become, and the Social Yinon Plan continues unabated in distracting us from exposing all the evil that’s going on around us.

I’m not going to be a “useful idiot” in furthering the Social Yinon Plan of manufactured and perpetual Hobbesian conflict within the Alt-Media Community…but will you?

DISCLAIMER: The author writes for this publication in a private capacity which is unrepresentative of anyone or any organization except for his own personal views. Nothing written by the author should ever be conflated with the editorial views or official positions of any other media outlet or institution. 


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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