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Trump pardons Michael Flynn. More Trump pardons to come…

Trump pardons Michael Flynn. More Trump pardons to come…

The Duran: Episode 805.

President Trump Pardons Michael Flynn

President Trump Pardons Michael Flynn

Update (1730ET): The White House Press Secretary’s office has released a lengthy statement setting out the reasons for pardoning Gen. Flynn. The statement read that Flynn shouldn’t require a pardon because “he is an innocent man”.

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November 26, 2020

This is all very well but unfortunately it is too late to save the global reputation of the USA.

The whole world knows that the USA is a banana republic led by psychopathic half wits.

Moreover they themselves are beginning to realise that they remain a colony of the UK.

The USA has gone, unlikely to return.

The treacherous BBC will follow shortly into room 101..

Sionara to Gladio and Good Night to Soros led Vienna.

“P*ss Off to Chile or Argentina.

Reply to  Luka-The-K9
November 27, 2020

Trump can’t expect more truth come on the light if he doesn’t free like people Julian Assange and adward Snowdon

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