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Trump Jr. Outs CIA Whistleblower Over Twitter

Drama ensued on Wednesday after Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a Breitbart News article which contained the name of the alleged Trump-Ukraine whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella.

The article, written by Breitbart senior investigative reporter New York Times bestselling author and Aaron Klein, details how Ciaramella was central to the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy – including the eventual signing of a $1 billion US loan guarantee after former VP Joe Biden pressured them into firing the guy investigating an energy company paying his son to sit on their board, Burisma Holdings.

In response to Trump Jr. tweeting Ciaramella’s name, journalist Yashar Ali (who worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign) contacted Don Jr., who told him “The outrage on this is BS. And those pretending that I would coordinate with The White House to send out a Breitbart link haven’t been watching my feed for a long time.”

Don Jr. then tweeted “The entire media is #Triggered that I (a private citizen) tweeted out a story naming the alleged whistleblower. Are they going to pretend that his name hasn’t been in the public domain for weeks now? Numerous people & news outlets including Real Clear Politics already ID’d him.

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The Snowman
The Snowman
November 7, 2019

If I were Ciaramella, I’d be on the first plane to Ukraine, asking for political asylum and witness protection by Biletsky and his merry band of banderites.

Failure to pass that “Useful Whistleblower Protection Act” has really starched his skivvies.

F_K U Ciaramella
F_K U Ciaramella
Reply to  The Snowman
November 7, 2019

Trump honestly, isn’t that swift. All he had to do (and should have actually done), was declare that he’d held up weapons transfers until he was satisfied that they wouldn’t end up with the likes of the Azov battalion (to name one of many) and like minded scum, considering there actually was a law in place (Leahy) to deter that. The Democrats would have shut their yaps so fast, not wanting to advertise/expose that YES there are neo-nazis in Ukraine conveniently embedded in the UA army yet independent of it and YES, the US is supplying them with training and… Read more »

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