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Trump Is Appeasing the Wrong People

No matter who is elected to lead the nation is of little consequence. It is the Deep Entrenched State pulling all the strings on the marionette.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Submitted by Steve Brown…

Trump’s policy of appeasing the Israeli lobby dates to his original courtship of evangelical voters and Israeli mega-donors during his 2016 campaign. Since his election Trump has:

  • Imposed a “Muslim ban” preventing nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen from entering the United States
  • Closed the Palestinian Mission in Washington DC
  • Ended US payments to the Palestinian Authority
  • Relocated the US embassy to Jerusalem, with a new US embassy to be paid for in part by Macao gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson
  • Reneged on the JCPOA agreement and renewed US sanctions on Iran
  • Announced that the US is the sole global authority for determining International law thus approving Israel’s annexation of the Golan
  • Announced that the US will not oppose Israeli annexation of the West Bank
  • Further announced US hegemony over international law by stating that illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories of Palestine are now legal

As a result, the Israeli regime and lobby has gained more US support via Trump’s leadership than it has from any other US regime. That’s particularly surprising in light of Trump’s address to AIPAC early on his campaign when he announced that the Zionist lobby would not support him since he did not need their money.  The foregoing was widely reported by the major media as being an anti-Semitic trope however there is no doubt that Trump’s implied defiance aimed at the most powerful lobby in Washington sat well with his “Deplorables”.

But Trump’s campaign really gained momentum by May of 2016, and his need for funding became apparent if he were to gain the nomination. That funding was largely provided by hedge fund manager Robert Mercer who hedged his bet away from Cruz when Trump won most of the GOP primary contests by June of 2016.  Subsequently, billionaire Zionist proponents Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer – another hedge fund manager who opposed Trump but switched sides – then backed Trump’s campaign going forward.

While it is impossible to know the details since they are secret, support from these Nile-to-Euphrates expansionist Zionist billionaires most likely came with a heavy political price, specifically related to the points about ‘US support for Israel’ as listed above. Hence Trump’s avowal to honor his campaign promises to these billionaires since matching financial support will be needed from them during campaign 2020, and Trump’s appeasement of the AIPAC wing has aided him in his ability to retain power.

The points above may signal nice gains for The Lobby but their real agenda is war with Iran and Nile-to-Euphrates expansionism… which is evidently not in line with Mr Trump’s agenda. That’s because Mr Trump has made it clear he does not want war with Iran and Trump has withdrawn troops from Syria, where a number one goal for Israel was the creation of a failed state there.

Together, Trump’s failure to attack Iran when the opportunity presented itself and his perceived failure in Syria constituted a major setback for Likudnik Zionist ambitions in the Middle East. So, in further token appeasement to the Israeli regime and lobby the US then stoked anti-Iran riots in Lebanon and Iraq. But that is not enough for The Lobby…  problem one where appeasing the Israeli regime is concerned.

Problem two – and the major issue for Trump – is the Warfare State itself ie the deeply entrenched US State and Security State apparatus. When Syria defeated DAESH, ISIS, ISIL (or whatever these terrorists may be presently called) with the assistance of the Russian Federation, Washington needed a new enemy. Because an enemy is what Washington needs to fuel its massive dollar-generating war machine; and the logical choice for that revived enemy is of course… Russia.

After all, the Russian Federation dared to provide a safe haven for America’s number one domestic political ‘criminal’: Ed Snowden. Russia exposed the soft underbelly of Victoria Kagan-Nuland and Geoff Pyatt’s scheming US State adventurism in the Ukraine, which led to upheaval and war in that country. Russia dared to help defend Syria when invited to do so, and end the US-inspired insurgency there – a move which would certainly have been confronted by the Clinton family with force of arms had they won power in 2016. Russia provided aid and medical supplies to Venezuela in opposition to the US attempted coup there too, and also warned the United States against attacking Iran. As a result, the entrenched US Warfare State (and US Treasury) imposed the most stringent sanctions ever on the Russian Federation.

However sanctions are not enough, since the Entrenched State prefers instant gratification (even when denied) in pursuit of its deadly aims hence the birth of Russiagate in an apparent setup dating back to the earliest days of the Trump election campaign. When Russiagate failed subsequent to three years of Entrenched State high anxiety, Ukrainegate was born.  The point being that the US entrenched State will resort to any means – even that of endangering the Republic – to maintain its deadly agenda.

When those who are elected to represent their constituents’ resort to betraying them by engaging in such duplicity as Russiagate and Ukrainegate to pursue their own agenda* that is (simply stated) an attempted coup d’etat. As a result of this attempt, Mr Trump threw another bone to The Lobby by Pompeo’s statement on illegal West Bank settlements. But he threw that bone to the wrong people.

What Trump fails to realize is that the cancer at the heart of Washington DC is far deeper than AIPAC or the toxic influence of the Likudnik regime in Washington. The Neoliberal Entrenched State has become the monster it is subsequent to many decades of deep rot in US State, DoJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, the Security State and US Treasury – not just rot in the US Congress. And the last guy who tried to even moderately oppose the Deep State cancer in DC ended up with a bullet in his brain in Dallas.

So, while the Neoliberal Entrenched State calls out Donald Trump for being a ‘rogue’ and a ‘twitter president’ the message here is not that he is. Mr Trump has questioned and defied the entrenched warfare State on a couple of rare occasions, but that’s not the point. The point is that with Ukrainegate and impeachment hysteria raging in DC it is the Deep Entrenched State that has gone rogue.

We have seen the latest result of the Deep State’s roguery where US State – by way of its own incredible hubris and arrogance – has just claimed that the US is the sole arbiter of International Law in the world. In this light, Trump’s misplaced attempt to appease Israel with the settlement move proves that the US president is simply a figurehead, not a leader.

By extension, no matter who is elected to lead the nation is of little consequence. It is the Deep Entrenched State pulling all the strings on the marionette. And there is no way Trump – or any other US leader – can ever appease their deadly master going forward… and it’s not just the Israeli regime. The master is the entire Washington entrenched apparatus of State: The Deep State, by definition whose conspiracy we see playing out in fact before our very eyes.

Meanwhile in some ways Mr Trump is doing us all a favour by being honest. He says that the US is all about the oil. He says he cannot confront a vicious killer because the US needs the arms deals from the killer’s Kingdom. He clearly stated that the United States government is a Bad Actor that cannot be trusted to adhere to any agreement it has ever entered into. (Ask any native American about that.) He says that a brutal and genocidal regime in Israel is far more relevant than his own, and that only the United States can determine the validity of International Law. Trump has said and done all of those things. But he will never appease the Evil Empire that owns him… and by extension, all of US.

*via the impeachment process

Steve Brown is the author of “Iraq: the Road to War” (Sourcewatch) editor of “Bush Administration War Crimes in Iraq” (Sourcewatch) “Trump’s Limited Hangout” and “Federal Reserve: Out-sourcing the Monetary System to the Money Trust Oligarchs Since 1913”; Steve is an antiwar activist, a published scholar on the US monetary system, and has appeared as guest contributor to The Duran, Fort Russ News, Herland Report, The  Ron Paul Institute, and Strategika51.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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November 20, 2019

Depressingly spot on article, I fear. However like most parasites this one will end of destroying its host and then may have problems where to move on. So there is hope. We will see, but I for one won’t shed any tears for Trump if he’s brought down by the gangsters he’s struggling to appease.

Daniel Guimond
November 20, 2019

I still tend o believe that he has a hidden Ace?! President Trump has got a very big dish to swallow before he can skip the shallow b@llsht bingo! – MOTC

Reply to  Daniel Guimond
November 21, 2019

I think your belief is spot-on. I think the view in the article above shows a lack of depth in its analysis. Basically just a rehash of the grossly simplistic and self-serving narrative on Trumps foreign policy that “they” are generating for the unwashed blue-pill masses. Trump is NOT the simple-minded buffoon that the deep-state constantly tries to depict him as. After three years of him out-maneuvering them on several fronts, that should be self-evident to anyone with an IQ over their shoe-size. FWIW, I am not an unmitigated fan, in fact, leading up to 2016, I was hoping for… Read more »

November 21, 2019

Its interesting to read Daniel Estulins view on the hows, whys and wherefores of Trumps policy toward Israel. I have commented on it on other threads here, so I wont repeat myself, but when I read it, my perspective shifted. It didn’t really change my view of Israel per-se (kind of hard to see Israel as anything other than the apartheid regime from hell), but I saw Trumps engagement with them differently. The real question mark in light of that narrative is Jared Kuschner, especially his attendance at the 2019 Bilderberg. We had a dinner guest on Sunday, and him… Read more »

November 22, 2019

It may be useful to do a little digging in the attic: As an enthusiast of all things weird, occult, outré and disturbing, I found much informative wisdom in Gary Lachman’s book about Trump’s peculiar metaphysic, “Dark Star Rising”. Norman Vincent Peale performed Trump’s first Wedding. Also, Trump had an uncle involved in the sciences who was the specific individual chosen to seize the files of Nikola Tesla upon his death. Also, closely related to Christophe Steele, ‘former’ MI6 agent, Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago palace grew out of a property called originally the Mary Carter Paint Company, which was… Read more »

Reply to  Lazycat
November 22, 2019

“finally crystallized into two opposing factions, which, like scorpions in a bottle, are engaged in a terminal death match.”

This is the premise that Estulin puts forward. There are famous quotes from Arnold Toynbee, Kissinger and Rothchild, some 50 years apart, all saying in essence that Israel will cease to exist after 2022.

November 26, 2019

Interesting. I am wondering how much the metric will change if/when Trump is re-elected and is in final term.

Tom Tremaine
February 24, 2020

Don the Con,

His greatest scam is in progress,

And will succeed ….

Keep your friends close,

And your enemies closer ……

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