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Trump: "I Have A Chance To Break The Deep State"

“If it keeps going the way it’s going, I have a chance to break the deep state. It’s a vicious group of people…”

In an exclusive interview set to air Sunday, President Trump tells Sharyl Attkisson that he believes he is making inroads in draining the Washington swamp.

“If it keeps going the way it’s going, I have a chance to break the deep state. It’s a vicious group of people.”

– President Trump on “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson”

Also in the interview:

  • The president calls churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious institutions “essential services” and says they must be allowed to open
  • Sharyl asks if someone review his tweets before he sends them out
  • Trump weighs in on the biggest strength and weakness of Joe Biden
  • He talks about the latest allegations about FBI misconduct and spying on his campaign
  • Sharyl ask about mixed messages the government is sending on the anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine
  • She also asks President Trump how he can press to investigate allegation about Biden and Ukraine— without appearing to be doing the same thing Democrats did to him in 2016.

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Sue Rarick
May 24, 2020

The last point is a good one. The only way to do that and not repeat 2016 is to be totally transparent. By that I mean let the Senate investigate within their sphere of authority and do it openly.
If nothing comes of it, good. If something illegal comes of it, pass it along to the DoJ and let them pursue it.

History on Parade
History on Parade
May 24, 2020

Why has Germany’s replacement of the SA by the SS suddenly popped into my head?

Olivia Kroth
May 24, 2020

Let’s hope his wish will come true.

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