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Trump head chopper, Kathy Griffin, has epic YouTube meltdown (Video)

Kathy Griffin blasted TMZ’s Harvey Levin, Attorney Lisa Bloom and Hollywood in an epic meltdown posted on her YouTube channel

Kathy Griffin has lost completely lost her mind, taking to her YouTube channel to attack TMZ founder Harvey Levin, fake feminist lawyer Lisa Bloom, and everyone in Hollywood…because Griffin did not exercise her own free will to create a photo shoot of herself holding President Trump’s severed head.

In true liberal fashion, Griffin blames everyone else for her bad choices, but herself.

Griffin even went so far in her video as to release Levin’s personal phone number saying…

“I just want you guys to know Harvey Levin, Harvey Levin a blogger, is very much in bed with everyone from Hollywood to Donald Trump.”

Via Page Six

Griffin said she made the video as a result of TMZ’s fueling the fire that erupted after she received criticism for posting a photo in which she held a fake severed head resembling Donald Trump. Griffin apologized for the video but was nevertheless the subject of controversy, losing her job with CNN’s New Year’s Eve program. In August, Griffin retracted her apology and said the whole thing was “blown out of proportion” and that she “lost everybody.”

Near the beginning of the 17-minute video, Griffin plays a voicemail left by Levin on her cell phone in which he leaves his number for her to call back. “I don’t have a minute to call him,” she said, “but maybe you do.”

She also used the video to call out those who had “doxxed” her, describing her sister — who died in mid-September of cancer — and mother receiving death threats as a result of Griffin’s detractors obtaining their personal phone numbers. She also referred to Andy Cohen as a “miserable boss;” Cohen, who worked with Griffin on her show “My Life on the D-List,” joked that he didn’t know Griffin when asked by TMZ about her CNN replacement.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Griffin called out her former boss Andy Cohen from her show “My Life on the D-List,” who she referred to as a “miserable boss”.

She said no one had her back after the media pile on from her photo shoot wherein she held up a bloody severed head of President Trump.

At the end of the video, Kathy Griffin said she’s on Interpol watch list and spent 2 months on a no fly list. Griffin also admitted that she gets detained at airports every time she flies.

“I was also on the no fly list. I’ve been detained alone at every single airport I’ve gone to,” Griffin said.

Griffin also said she’s on the ‘5 eyes’ list.

She closed her tirade by wishing Jeff Zucker of CNN (Zucker fired her) a “Happy New Year”.

Notice Kathy Griffin is wearing the same blue top she wore in her Trump beheading stunt…

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First of all this scrawny, truly ugly woman has to be most egregious scrapings of the very BOTTOM of the cess pit mouth that ever has been actually allowed on the air waves. She is just another one of the White Shoe Boys batallion…. you, know .. the ones that have usurped 75% of the political Washington CONTROL positions?… They take care of their own always. This Halloween woman actually went TOO far in her attempts to denigrate over 1/2 the nation in a satanic vicious way.. and lo-n-behold there were unexpected consequences…. By the way the “Five EYES” nations… Read more »

regolo gellini
regolo gellini

Congrats my friend ! You have put into nice words all that I would have said about this bitch in very different, more scurrilous words !
Why does this bitch not go back to Israhell ? Because her double passport mates won’t let her go ? Out with traitors in any shame and form . Jail Killary and co. asap !

Murray Smith
Murray Smith

Meltdown? There’s not enough heat here to poach an egg.

Bear Gibbons
Bear Gibbons

Maybe she can get a new reality show going… “Scarecrows Gone Wild!!!” 0.o

Mark James Pupillo
Mark James Pupillo

Kathy Griffin very clearly needs serious psychiatric treatment.

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