Evidence shows #MeToo movement pushing more feminist ideology in movies

The future of eroticism as a major feature of upcoming productions is that it must be presented from the perspective of this new wave of feminism.

While PC perspectives have often found conflict with American cultural norms over the course of the last half century, few have found such a pointed and public rivalry with primary cultural outlets as the #MeToo movement. It has swept across the cultural landscape of America’s entertainment industry with a message that is altogether inharmonious with that industry’s product.

Hollywood’s productions are so overwhelmingly sexualized that the televised pornography industry has suffered for years due to the fact that television and cinema have incorporated it as one of their most prominent features. The entertainment industry thrives on this eroticism while the #MeToo movement aims to criminalize even the most innocent flirtation, leading to a sense of stark cognitive dissonance.

Psychologists claim that when a person is in a state of cognitive dissonance that one will seek to harmonize conflicting factors in pursuit of consistency. So, how does Hollywood intend to go about this? New proposals have been made that Hollywood should tone down the eroticism a good bit.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, relative to the #MeToo movement, producers and financiers are toning down the sexual charge of many of their upcoming productions, as producer David Permut says “The studios and the financiers are going to be conscientious of putting something out there that could alienate audiences and restrict the potentiality of the film.”

The future of eroticism as a major feature of upcoming productions is that it must be presented from the perspective of this new wave of feminism. So what does this mean? Well, as is evident from decades of cinema and television productions, Hollywood seems to be incapable of generating a production that omits an erotic theme. It is likely that any co-ed relationships presented on the big screen will resemble something like a Fifty Shades of Grey in reverse, that is, from a feminist’s erotic and empowered fantasy context.

Feminists are angry that natural law is still upheld by some couples, and that just burns them up inside. Ergo, they intend to see that the man is presented as docile and feminized while the woman will be overly masculine. Films with relationships like this

But this is what’s called for, and it’s already out there and on the way. The masculinity of stars like John Wayne and Thor is being described as a “harmful construct”, or “nonsense”. Masculinity, as portrayed by Hollywood needs to be “detoxified”.

So called toxic behaviour isn’t relegated to that of, say, James Bond seducing every woman he meets, but to any and every representation of flirtation or romantic interest from a man for a woman, and to any behaviour traditionally befitting the role of men. So much so, that even the masculine representation of a male military soldier combating villains is viewed as harmful. Hollywood has long represented women as vanquishers of villains while the male heroes end up being their supporters, enabling the female heroine to take out the bad guy. Apparently, not only can a man not seem to get anything right, or solve the problem, or catch the bad guys, he now can’t even express a romantic interest.

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Whothehell Cares
Whothehell Cares
February 3, 2018

Feminism … can’t live with it. Can live without it.

February 10, 2018

Hollywood has run it’s course, surviving on past glory, stock remakes, and special effects, — the thrill is gone.

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