Marxism rebranded, to target the destruction on men (Video)

The War on Men

Why masculinity is under assault.

It’s a giant re-education campaign. Paul Joseph Watson examines the war on men…

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like Alex Jones…throw in some real nuggets and then sway them to follow their path of Disinfo

but the truth is that the same usual suspects are behind them as they are in HOLLYWEIRD with OPRAH
and Hillary,Kerry,Obama,WALL STREET,THE FAKE MEDIA,Washington D.C.etc
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john vieira
john vieira

Pathetic is it not….they already have to much and the idiots are playing right into the hands of the “cult”…hope they enjoy the servitude they are revisiting on themselves….

Lisa Karpova

These stupid libtard snowflake feminazis have NOTHING to do with Marxism, nothing!! Divide and conquer is the MO of the empire, the capitalists. Marxism seeks to unite the workers the peasants. Workers of the world unite!!!

So cram that crap. You’re a mouthpiece for imperialism.

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