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Trump ‘body slams’ MSM in new video

Trump ‘body slams’ MSM in new video

Donald Trump has seemingly upped his game yet again in his war with the mainstream media and CNN in particular.

Trump recently posted a video taken from his pre-Presidential guest appearance at a pro-wrestling tournament where he ‘beat up’ WWE owner Vince McMahon.

In the new video, McMahon’s face is replaced by the logo of CNN as Trump wrestles it to the floor.

Only in America–only Donald Trump.

At the end of the video the logo for CNN is replicated as ‘FNN’ meaning Fraud News Network.

Shortly before Tweeting the wrestling video he posted the following statement re-defining the nature of the Presidency of the US in the age of social media,

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It is hard to argue otherwise. Times have changed and Donald Trump is with the times, not behind them.

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