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DAMASCUS: 2 attacks–1 real and 1 fake

Two events have surreally coincided today in different parts of Damascus.

First there was a fake chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta and shortly thereafter an all too tragic and an all too real treble suicide bombing attack.

Two of the suicide bombers detonated their cars which were loaded with bombs near the Airport Roundabout in Eastern Damascus while a third was able to make it to a downtown area where he set off his bomb.

The death toll is reportedly 19 while over 20 have been cited as injured. According to al-Masdar, the death toll would have been worse had the security services not acted as quickly and as professionally as they did.

In Eastern Ghouta, terrorist groups, including Failaq al-Rahman a group loyal to both the FSA and al-Qaeda, have been baying about a chlorine gas attack, a stated event designed to coincide with both American statements about a ‘pre-planned attack’ and the release of a deeply flawed and ultimately worthless OPCW report about the previously staged chemical attack from the 4th of April.

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In respect of the staged attack, Russia Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has called it out as “propaganda”.

She took to Facebook and said the following,

“As we warned a few days ago, a media propaganda campaign on the ‘use of chemical weapons by Damascus’ has begun. There will be more of such videos, and they will be of different quality – either low-grade, like this one or of Hollywood level. There will be many fakes, the planned campaign is a massive one”.

Unlike the previous attack from the 4th of April, Russian officials have been quick to warn off hysterical reactions by highlighting the staged nature of such attacks, shamming already shameful Salafist terrorist groups in the process.

Russia has got off to a running start in this respect but it is still very much anyone’s guess how the United States will result to the choreographed ‘attacks’, attacks which fit the American false flag ‘chemical narrative’ too obviously for anyone to objectively take seriously.

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Conventional wisdom would dictate that even America would not be so foolish as to more or less pre-announce a false flag attack, but when it comes to the United States, all bets on rational behaviour are off.

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