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Trump: ‘Are we going to get involved in Syria? No’.

Donald Trump has given his first major interview since the illegal missile attack on Syria.

During the interview with Fox Business, the US President said,

“Are we going to get involved in Syria? No.”.

This statement is a contradiction in itself. Even before the illegal missile strike, the United States was involved in Syria and in contravention of international law at that.

The difference is that the missile strike, directly targeting a Syrian airbase escalated a proxy war into a fully-fledged conflict.

Trump may mean that he doesn’t plan any further attacks of this nature on Syria, something which would represent an important step in the right direction.

It seems as though the Trump administration is shifting to a position of trying to beg patronise Russia until Russia changes its Syria policy.

This is not going to happen. It represents a gross miscalculation of Russia’s aims and a gross misunderstanding of how Russia conducts itself in foreign affairs.

Trump went on to offer an emotion laced tirade against Assad that had little connection to the realities on the ground in Syria.

It seems like the US may be trying to save face and have it both ways. They are going to be disappointed that both Syria, Russia, Iran and others will not be moved.

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