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John McCain blasts the Trump administration–the honeymoon is over (video)

After supporting Donald Trump’s missile strike on Syria, John McCain is once again criticising the Trump administration.

When asked if the White House bore some responsibility for the chemical attack that McCain claims Syria was responsible for, he responded by saying,

“I think it probably was partially to blame … And Secretary Tillerson basically saying the same thing after kind of contradicting himself and then saying the same thing argues vigorously for a plan and a strategy”.

In an interview with CBS, which followed one from Rex Tillerson, McCain accused Russia of war crimes, saying that Russia engaged in ‘precision strikes on hospitals’ in Syria. He also claimed that the runway at Shayrat airbase should have been bombed harder, which puts McCain at odds with Donald Trump’s view on the subject.

Although Donald Trump may have temporarily got some of his domestic detractors off his back by engaging in a war crime which was a clear provocation of Russia and Iran, it is looking increasingly unlikely that the honeymoon will last.

If Trump thought that a single, materially ineffective strike would permanently shut his critics up, than he’s underestimate the hawkishness of the neo-cons.

Now watch John McCain explain why he wants more war.

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