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TRAGEDY: Egypt suffers most deadly attack in its modern history

Egypt is mourning the dead and redoubling efforts to fight terrorism.

Friday prayers at Al Rawdah mosque in Bir al-Abed, became a scene of unspeakable tragedy this morning. Deadly blasts from explosives planted supinely in the mosque sent worshippers running outside where they were gunned down by heavily armed terrorists. As ambulances arrived to tend to the wounded, they too came under attack by the savage terrorists.

Currently, the death toll is 235 people and rising. It is already the deadliest attack in modern Egyptian history. Governments throughout the world including Syria, Russia and the United States have all condemned today’s attack.

While no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, terrorists once loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood who have recently declared loyalty to ISIS, are thought to be behind the mass slaughter. Beginning in 2013, when Egypt overthrow a Muslim Brotherhood regime, supporters of the illegal group fled to the Sinai Peninsula which borders the Egypt-Israel border. Today’s attack took place not far from known terrorist enclaves.

Egypt has promised a swift and hard response to the attack. Hours after launching Operation Revenge of the Martyrs, 15 terrorists were reportedly killed by an Egyptian drone strike.

Egypt has recently been at war on three fronts. Firstly, Takfiri terrorists from neighbouring Libya have been conspiring to commit attacks on Egyptian soil along with Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS sleepers in central Egypt. The final front includes the terrorists who have set up base in the Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt’s support for the secular Libyan House of Repetitiveness and the allied Libyan National Army have played a large part in stemming the tide of attacks from Libya. Because of this, it is now accurate to state that terrorists in Sinai, including those who have escaped from Syria and Iraq via friendly third countries, post the greatest danger to Egypt’s national security.

According to an Egyptian security official cited by Sputnik,

“The armed forces are engaged in searching people, who have attacked the Rawda mosque. All the ways leading to the area have been blocked, at the moment the mopping-up operation is in progress in the village, as well as in all neighbouring settlements”.

Because the mosque was home to worshippers form the Sufi branch of Islam, it is widely believed that it was targeted due to what Takfiri terrorists believe to be the heterodox nature of Sufism.

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