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Death toll rises in Egypt terrorist atrocity – no group yet claims responsibility

Egyptian authorities are working to neutralise terrorist cells in Sinai with both fighter planes and armed drones.

The death toll from yesterday’s bombing and shooting rampage at Al Rawdah mosque in Bir al-Abed, on Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, has now risen to 305 people.

According to public prosecutors, between 25 and 30 terrorists carried out the attack while some of them carried ISIS flags during the attack.

However, Egypt is still not officially blaming any one group and nor has any group claimed responsibility for the attack, something which is unusual as over 24 hours have passed.

Ever since 2013, terrorists loyal to the illegal Muslim Brotherhood fled to Sinai and set up enclaves which until recently have only been sporadically neutralised by the Egyptian armed forces.  Some of these groups have formally joined up with ISIS while others maintain a distinct identity apart from the infamous group.

Qatar, which heavily funds and supports the Muslim Brotherhood has had terrible relations with Egypt since 2013, when a Muslim Brotherhood regime was overthrown in Cairo. This year, Egypt joined Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain in severing relations with Qatar. Many terrorists operating in Egypt continue to commit atrocities in the name of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Recently, the Arab league met in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, where Egypt, in spite of its alliance with Saudi Arabia, failed to support Riyadh over proposals to sanction the Lebanese resistance party, Hezbollah.

Earlier today, Egypt announced that it is delaying the opening of the Rafah border-crossing to Palestine, located not far from the site of the deadly attack, in spite of agreeing to do so after Palestinian parties Fatah and Hamas signed a unity accord in Cairo. The Israeli regime has been dead-set against opening the border, even though it is essential for vital medical and food supplies to reach Gaza in an orderly fashion.

Based on these facts, it is possible to say that at least three countries, including two Egyptian “allies” had a motive for the attack.

TRAGEDY: Egypt suffers most deadly attack in its modern history

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