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Tony Blair appoints himself leader of the anti-Brexit brigade (VIDEO)

It takes a lot to unite a British Prime Minister, the Labour leader, Nigel Farage, George Galloway and majority of the voting UK public, but Brexit seems to have done just that.

In England, only the Liberal Democrats maintain official opposition to allowing Brexit to progress, and even they admit that this could only be achieved if they were to win the next general election, something as likely as Hilary Clinton writing a serenade to President Putin.

But now the remainers /remaniacs/remaoners have a new vocal ally. It’s the same man who encouraged NATO to commit a war crime in Yugoslavia, he’s the man who cheered on George Bush in his illegal invasion of Iraq, he’s the man whose policies made Britain culturally sterilised to the point of being unrecognisable. Yes, it’s Tony Blair.

In a speech typically full of meaningless platitudes, Blair said that whilst he respects the will of the British voters, he actually doesn’t because it is up to ‘us’ (the special interest group Open Britain) to change the public’s mind so that they ostensibly would vote in future to nullify Brexit.

Politicians with no principles are interesting characters. They live by Lenin’s maxim ‘the worse, the better’. The only man in England probably happier about Brexit than Nigel Farage was Tony Blair. For Farage, it was the successful conclusion to a long political journey. For Blair, it was a chance to make the most hated politician in Britain relevant again.

Few people would want to bomb Yugoslav or Iraq again (not that the people were asked in the first place). But because Blair has always been a pugnacious proponent of everything to do with the EU, he’s now trying to be the official moderate rebel, leading a small but vocal anti-Brexit minority in England.

I’m not so sure though that a man who many in Britain and beyond want to see tried for war crimes could be a spokesman for anything except perhaps if Hillary Clinton decides to run for US President in 2020.

Blair is widely unpopular in all quarters of Britain from the right to the left and even his coveted supposed centre.

All I can say to British Europhiles is, with friends like that….













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