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Farage to EU: “I’m Back! Need to Sweep Away UK Two Party System” (Video)

Nigel Farage spoke before the European Parliament ahead of the European elections, with his Brexit Party surging in the most recent polls, to warn the Brussels oligarchs, “I’m coming back – in fact, lots and lots of us are coming back!”

The Brexit Party leader told Juncker, Barnier, and MP globalist Guy Verhofstadt, that the time has arrived where UK citizens will now send a big message come May 23rd. Farage said that the the EU elections will mark a ‘new future for British democracy’

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Brexit MEP Nigel Farage today warned that the EU establishment will be “very. very surprised” by what happens at the European Elections Elections on 23rd May and declared that it will mark “a new future for British democracy”.

In a speech in the European Parliament today, Farage declared that the Brexit Party “will sweep the board” in the European Elections unless the Conservatives and Labour “come together to agree to a permanent Customs Union”.

However, that would mean the Brexit Party may not win the EU Elections but the General Election, such would be the anger. Thus, he expressed his doubt as to whether such a stitch-up will go ahead.

Nigel hit out at Theresa May’s begging for an Article 50 extension and said it was “humiliating for the standing of our country around the world” after the Prime Minister made the promise that the UK would leave on 29th March.

The Brexit MEP blamed the “mess” on “two parties who promised they would deliver Brexit” and said that there was now a desire for a “peaceful political revolution” that could “sweep away the two party system that has let us down so badly”.

He concluded by warning the EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier that they would be “very, very surprised by what happens on May 23rd. It will be a new future for British democracy and goodness me, it’s needed”.

With the Conservatives having sunk to their lowest level of support in years, all bets are now off.

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April 21, 2019

Farage claims the end of the 2 party system .So from now on ,it will be a one party system .Now where have we seen this happening in our world.

April 21, 2019

Arguably, Britain like most nations that proclaim ‘Democracy’, have NEVER allowed true democratic values to take precedent in front of the personal ambitions of those in power. Political and Corporate. Unnecessary and often illegal wars that aim to destabilise countries and indeed, continents, have been waged without the approval of those who are destined to fight and die in these wars. With a few exceptions, the political class in the UK are totally unfit to lead the nation, and a root and branch clear out is needed. Revolution will come, BUT will it be peaceful or not? That will depend… Read more »

Peter Milne
Peter Milne
April 22, 2019

I think – and I pray we just listened and watched a 180 degree shift in British politics – time will tell !!!

3rd Party instead of 1%
3rd Party instead of 1%
April 23, 2019

When the two party system doesn’t really have enough differences to be able too easily recognized it’s time for them to combined and allow a new party to restore democracy to the Nation.
Just as the British outlawed slavery and the United States followed, perhaps the US can follow and remove the private bankers that have created what we refer to as the national debt.

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