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Thwarting a terrorist attack targeting Damascus.

The competent security services in Syria managed to thwart a terrorist attack that was targeting the Syrian capital Damascus, through suicidal bombings with explosive belts.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency “SANA”, the terrorist operation was thwarted on Monday, in cooperation with citizens of the towns of “Zakia” and “Kanaker” in Rural Damascus, where 6 people were planning to launch an attack targeting the capital with explosive belts.

The agency stated that during the operation, the security forces managed to kill 3 terrorists carrying explosive belts, while the other 3 were arrested with explosive belts as well, saying that these were sent by the terrorist organizations from their places of presence to target Damascus.

During the last years of the war, Damascus was subjected to many terrorist attacks that affected different areas, most of which were carried out with bombed cars, and targeting neighborhoods crowded with civilians.

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March 16, 2021

I’m happy to see a terrorist attack thwarted, unlike 911 when a few terrorists wrecked havoc on a nation with the most sophisticated security apparatus ever created.

Oh wait, you don’t think the above is an accurate description of what really happened on 911? You may be right.

Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
Reply to  penrose
March 16, 2021

penrose – with “a few terrorists” are you referring to these Saudi patsies who, according to their flight instructors, didn’t even know how to fly big jets, and who, according to reports, weren’t even Islamists as they were seen frequently drinking and whoring in nightclubs and bars, strictly forbidden by Islam, and especially by Wahabism? According to some reports, they have been spotted very much alive since 9/11. Amazing, the only thing that survived in pristine condition, among the melted steel and pulverized concrete, were those guys and their Saudi passports.

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