Third of Ukrainians want Russian language to have official status, poll shows

29.9 percent of Ukrainians support granting official status to the Russian language.

KIEV (Sputnik) – A total of 29.9 percent of Ukrainians support granting official status to the Russian language, a survey showed Tuesday.

The poll, conducted by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, specified that 54.4 percent of Ukrainians were unwilling to see the Russian language as official and other 15 percent of the respondents found it difficult to answer the question.

In 2013, 32.2 percent of the Ukrainian citizens wanted the Russian language to be official, whereas in 2016, the figure decreased to 30.3 percent, the survey noted.

The poll was carried out on July 3-25 among 1,800 people in various parts of Ukraine with a less than 2.3-percent margin of error. In war-torn eastern Ukraine, people wIlko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundationere surveyed solely on territories controlled by Kiev.

In 2014, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada said the law on the Russian language’s official status in 13 out of 27 of the country’s regions was no longer valid. In January, 2017, the Verkhovna Rada registered the “official language” bill which stipulates the usage of solely Ukrainian language in almost all areas of life. According to the document, the Ukrainian language must be obligatory for both government and local authorities, as well as for educational establishments.

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Isabella Jones
Isabella Jones
August 22, 2017

For Ukraine to not “recognise Russian” is like the residents of Yorkshire, England, not “recognising” English, but claiming their local dialect and regional variations constitute a separate and distinct “language”.
It’s a piece of pretentious posturing, and would be abandoned if anything but thugs, criminals, thieves, liars and killers were running the place.

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