The West lacks law and order, sees surge in political violence (VIDEO)

Revolutions, civil wars and general unrest do not typically happen in strong states, they happen in weak states on the verge of collapse.

The French Revolution of 1789 happened in a French Kingdom bankrupted by centuries of wasteful and generally lost wars.

The October Revolution of 1917 happened in a country that had been weakened under the soft-hand of Tsar Nikolai II. The Bolsheviks did not fare so well under the stronger rule of Alexander III.

The US and other foreign actors were able to destroy Russia in the 1990s because Boris Yeltsin was physically compromised and intellectually weak. Their efforts to repeat such destruction have resolutely failed under the steadfast and strong leadership of President Putin.

Anyone who understands revolution and civil war, knows that it is a terrible circumstance. When a country turns on itself, everyone suffers, including those who support the winning faction(s). This is why I have been deeply disturbed by the lack of adequate police response to the largely George Soros funded riots in the US following the election.

When a gang of pro-terrorist sympathisers vandalised and trespassed on the property of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in London several weeks ago, I warned that such a move was not a peaceful protest but a criminal act. Vandalism, trespass and blocking a public highway are not peaceful acts, but are acts of civil disturbance and subversion of the public order.

I was equally disturbed to find out that long time socialist politician George Galloway was physically attacked yesterday whilst delivering a speech in Scotland. This is not the first time that Galloway has been violently assaulted by ideologically driven maniacs. A previous assault left him hospitalised.

All of these events, whether in the US or Britain, mean that both police response and private security have been wholly inadequate. The aforementioned events may seem like isolated incidents but if such isolated incidents are allowed to occur without a tough police response, rapid prosecutions and most importantly harsh sentences which will deter future miscreants from carrying out such acts, things will spiral out of control.

The road to civil strife is long and often interrupted by deceptively numbing periods of placidity. When the early signs of insurrection are recognised, they must be clamped down upon at the first possible moment to avoid a slippery slope into chaos.

The absence of the rule of law is the rule of the mob and the jungle. This will leave even casual, apolitical individuals increasingly in danger of being the victims of violent crime. If you give one criminal an inch, the others will soon emerge from the swap to take a mile. The West needs to re-familiarise itself with tough law and order measures.

It is indeed one of the reasons that Donald Trump won, as he campaigned on such a pledge. This pledge, both in the US and beyond, cannot come to fruition soon enough.

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