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Audio recording shows collaboration between U.S. and ISIS

Reports are fast coming in that the Syrian government is in possession of an audio recording confirming that the ‘accidental’ US airstrike on Syrian Arab Army forces who were about to achieve a decisive victory over ISIS fighters near Deir ez-Zor, was no accident at all.

This was already confirmed by the fact that the strike lasted for 4 hours. But the recording goes several steps further. It appears to demonstrate that US forces and ISIS fighters were in direct communication with one another prior to the attack and that it was coordinated jointly.

My article saying that the US is acting as the air force for ISIS is tragically truer than I realised.  Should this audio recording be the real deal, this changes everything and it changes nothing. Here’s why.

From both clear and open sources as well as leaks published by Julian Assange’s Wikileaks, it has been clear from the word go, that America is using proxy Islamist fighters up to and including ISIS to wage war on Syria. America has been quite open about supporting various Al-Qaeda affiliates in the region, you know the moderate forces who crashed two planes into the World Trade Centre.

But the rhetorical boogie man for the west has always been ISIS (call it what you will, but I’ve stated clearly why English language press should call it ISIS).

Because ISIS’s brand recognition as purveyors of death, horror and barbarism has outshone that of Al-Qaeda and its myriad of constantly name-changing affiliates, it has been easier to fool some into thinking that ISIS are worse than their fellow travellers who have less name recognition.

This however is a big myth. All of the terrorists operating in Syria are dangerous to the same degree: they share beliefs, methods, goals and are so fluid that they have the overall effect of melding into one another.

This is well known to anyone familiar with the facts of the matter in Syria, anyone who knows about the leftist opposition in the Syrian Parliament, anyone who like the anti-war American organisation, New Jersey Peace Action knows that Assad remains popular amongst the majority of Syrians, anyone who has listened to Russian ministers and officers when they speak to the world, anyone who has listened to Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations.

In this sense, the revelatory audio recording changes nothing. But at the same time it changes everything.

It will put an end to the charade that it is somehow possible let alone righteous to say ‘this terrorist is good and this other one is evil’, it will more importantly put an end to the notion that ‘Assad Must Go’ is anything but the primary objective of the US along with their allies in Turkey, France, Britain and especially the tyrannical Gulf states. The genie may well be out of the bottle.

Of course it is essential that Syria releases the full audio recording to the public as soon as possible so that it can be authenticated by independent experts. But if it is what it appears to be, it is earth shattering. It does not change the facts, but it makes the facts so unambiguously clear, that it may just be able to change minds and in doing so change policies.

I’m looking forward to Donald Trump’s response in particular, for has he not rightly called Hillary Clinton and Obama the founders of ISIS?

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