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Why Donald Trump is a truer American than Hillary Clinton

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The Hillary Clinton campaign continually try to paint Donald Trump as some sort of double-agent from the Manhattan Oblast of the Autonomous People’s’ Republic of Novoyork. In reality though, this belies a fact which must be deeply uncomfortable for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump for all of his riches, is far more in touch with and far more like the typical American voter than she is.

Donald Trump’s campaign, from a public relations point of view, has been far more like that of Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign than Hillary Clinton’s current faltering campaign, or her failed campaign in 2008 against the more personable Barack Obama.

When Bill Clinton emerged as a young upstart to challenge the familiar face of George H. W. Bush, he presented himself as the ‘people’s preference’ vis-à-vis the old Washington insider. Whether it was his casual demeanour, home spun manner of speech, his amateur saxophone recitals, pigging out on fast food, or getting Fleetwood Mac to reunite for an evening, he was the ‘Everyman’.

Of course in reality he had a long history of supreme corruption in regional politics, a dubious record of personal ethics, and once in power he continued to starve Iraq with sanctions, destroyed the lives and infrastructure of the once peaceful and prosperous state of Yugoslavia, and bombed Sudan to distract the world from the fact that in the sexual election between Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the latter received his vote.

Fast forward to 2016, Donald Trump is the Twitter loving guy who to paraphrase Kipling has walked with Kings without losing the common touch.

He’s been in silly films and silly television shows. He takes selfies, pigs out on fast food – much as Bill Clinton did – and comes across as a people person.

By contrast Hillary Clinton is aloof, condescending, arrogant, speaks in robotic tones, and clearly does not make her own social media posts where Trump clearly makes most if not all of his.

Where Trump is Bill Clinton without the saxophone, Hillary Clinton is Angela Merkel without the sense of humour. It does not bode well.

It has been said that whilst Trump and Hillary Clinton are roughly the same age, but that Trump has a more youthful appeal mainly due to his social media presence. However this isn’t a sufficient explanation.

Before effectively having the Democratic election process stolen from him (thanks to Julian Assange for that revelation!), Bernie Sanders – who is older than both Trump and Clinton – was doing well amongst young Americans.

Sanders, far from being a reality TV star or selfie aficionado, was something of a throwback. The only kids he was getting down with were those in the front row of a Bob Dylan concert as the folkie raged against Barry Goldwater.

But Sanders however came over as human, just as Trump does, and just as Bill Clinton once did in the early 1990s.

Hillary Clinton does not, and yet she has the nerve to criticise Donald Trump as being less than thoroughly American.

She confuses Trump’s moderate agenda, which calls for reconciliation and cooperation with Russia, for some sort of ‘red plot’, and just as McCarthyism is now a byword for mad paranoia, Hillary Clinton is engaged in the same sort of pathetic witch hunting that Joseph McCarthy was famous for.

If you want a Cold War stereotype just imagine Hillary Clinton’s infamously tense staff meetings. It’s easy to imagine someone coming out with the line from Dr. Strangelove:  ‘ladies and gentleman, you can’t fight in here, this is the War Room’. After all Hillary Clinton’s own notorious comment – ‘we came, we saw, he died’ – could be lifted straight from the mouth of a second rate Bond villain.

Hillary Clinton lost the ‘human credibility’ race long ago. How ironic that her husband pioneered this style, one she is entirely incapable of.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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