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The UK Civil Service Failed Attempt to Overthrow The Queen & UK Gov.


The UK Civil Service Failed Attempt to Overthrow The Queen & UK Gov. 

CORONAVIRUS: Was a Media Event. Coordinated by the UK Civil Service.

The Media drove the population with Fear to panic levels.

And public opinion drove the Government to Lockdown the country.

The Boris Government was sabotaged & betrayed by their Civil Servants.

Not only did they hand Boris & Dominic Fake Data,

They told them they HAD TO Lockdown the country.

Neil Ferguson, created the fake data. And provided the advice to go with it.

Boris Johnson was then bullied by the London Media & Civil Servants into being tested for Coronavirus.

He was then poisoned by the test swab.

His advisor Dominic Cummings was also tested & poisoned.

This left these same Treason Civil Servants who betrayed them,

in charge of the UK for two weeks.


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Tony Smith
Tony Smith
June 5, 2020

Complete and utter bullshit

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