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The SDF arrests more civilians in Syria

The SDF arrests 7 civilians from the countryside of Raqqa in Syria.

Sources of the Syrian Documentation Center reported information about the arrest of “SDF” militants of 7 civilians from the countryside of Raqqa, who had left a few days ago from the “Al-Hol” camp.

The sources pointed out that the “SDF” militants launched, an arrest campaign on Thursday against the villages of Al-Suwaidi and Al-Jarnieh in the Al-Tabqa area in the western countryside of Raqqa, and arrested 5 men and 2 women.

The sources pointed out that the 7 civilians were taken to an unknown destination, without knowing the confirmed reason for their arrest, noting that all the detainees had left a few days ago from “Al-Hol” camp in Al-Hasakah countryside, whose residents suffer from poor living conditions.

There is widespread anger in the various areas under the control of the “SDF” and the protests are taking place almost daily against the arbitrary practices of the “SDF” and its random arrests that affect the people of these areas under the pretext of “forced conscription”.

As a result, the “SDF” militants are subjected to almost daily attacks by the popular resistance movement that launched against them months ago, and many direct confrontations occur between the people and the “SDF” at times, as happened yesterday in the “Al-Nashwa” neighborhood, in Al-Hasakah.

When the “SDF” militants tried to raid the neighborhood, to fight with the people who managed to kick out the militants outside the neighborhood.

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