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The Progressive Sanders’ solution to poor countries: US will fund your abortions

Authored by Serban V.C. Enache via Hereticus Economicus:

At CNN’s Climate Town Hall this month, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said that he “strongly supports” using US public money to fund abortions in foreign countries in an effort to control global population growth.

Sanders was asked a blatant loaded question about the current rate of population growth being unsustainable, about the need to educate people and empower women to curb this growth. No mention of economics, of the fact that developed countries – countries with high living standards – are characterized by stagnant, even negative population growth. The solution of this favorite politician among so-called progressive circles is Government-funded abortions far and wide, irrespective of context. The people so eager to “fix” the issue of “over-population,” which is debatable when contrasted to global landmass as a whole and present technology levels, don’t even think to ask what these foreign countries wish to do. Perhaps they don’t want such ‘aid’ money for abortions. Maybe they’d prefer a helping hand from the West [the US in particular] in the form of geopolitical laissez-faire, instead of the West sponsoring ethnic and sectarian conflicts, regime change ops, financial and resource looting schemes, and social engineering programs in their countries.

The consequences of population control policies inspired and sponsored by Western Governments and Western NGOs are felt in countries like India, China, Vietnam, and Korea; where an imbalance in the gender population is causing a huge wave of child abductions due to a lack of women for marriage. Around 170 million women are ‘missing’ from the demographic count; they were never born due to State policy agendas, touted as humanist programs destined for humanitarian purposes.

Sanders accepted, at best, a tenuous premise and proposed a fake solution. To make an analogy, if the price of groceries is going up and increasingly larger sections of the population can’t afford their daily groceries – the solution isn’t to levy a VAT or increase the VAT if one is already present; that won’t make groceries more affordable, it will only increase inflation. Instead, a solution would be to suspend the importation of non-essential goods [things like luxury watches and cheese in spray cans] and prioritize the importation of essential goods [like milk, grain, vegetables etc]. But to the contemporary progressives, Government-funded abortions no matter the context is their fetish. If Donald Trump would have proposed such a measure, the ‘woke’ media would have accused him of waging a racist war on black and brown nations.

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Biff Einstein
Biff Einstein
September 9, 2019

re: “The solution of this favorite politician among so-called progressive circles is Government-funded abortions far and wide, irrespective of context” — This is a complete mischaracterization of what Sanders said and what progressives believe. What we advocate is women controlling their own bodies and making their own decisions and having the option of using birth control or terminating a pregnancy. No one is advocating forcing this on anyone; rather, the idea is to not block the option as is currently being done. In any case, the premise of the question put to Sanders is flawed — i.e., that “overpopulation” (by… Read more »

To be progressive is to be Malthusian
To be progressive is to be Malthusian
Reply to  Biff Einstein
September 10, 2019

50% of the world’s poorest produce only 10% of lifestyle emissions of CO2. The richest 10% produce 49%.
All the Democratic Candidates support Gov-subsidized abortion across the board, including late term abortion. Just watch the debates if you don’t believe me.
Sanders is bs as is his green new deal, which has nothing to do with “fighting climate change.”
Go sacrifice some more babies to Moloch, so you can unilaterally intervene in another brown country to spread “democracy and freedom and rights” by bombing and shooting men, women, and children.

Troxy Smith
Troxy Smith
Reply to  Biff Einstein
September 10, 2019

@Biff Enstein
So you admit that the question was loaded and based largely on sophistry. But you completely absolve Sanders for his failure of seeing this. What does that tell you about Sanders? That either he’s dumb, or he’s playing dumb. What does that tell us about you? That you’re a Sanders fan-boy, and just like the Trump fan-boys, everyone else’s to blame, and your candidate and political team are never in the wrong. Grow up.

Maxine Gray
Maxine Gray
Reply to  Biff Einstein
September 14, 2019

American privilege is being hush-hush about the egregious imperialist stances of progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders because they have some decent domestic policies.
American privilege is black bloc protests against public appearances by figures like Milo Yiannopoulos and the Proud Boys while murderous war pigs like Bill Kristol, Henry Kissinger, John Bolton, David Frum and arms industry executives go from appearance to appearance completely unbothered.

John Doran
John Doran
September 21, 2019

Communists are killers. 100 million deaths in the 20th century, in Soviet USSR, in Communist China, in Cambodia: 20th century democides by govts. Environmentalists are killers. In June 1972, the US EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, “banned” DDT as carcinogenic. It isn’t. It was a complete & fatal fraud. A 2 year judicial review by Judge Sweeny ended April 1972, concluding DDT was safe. Ruckelshaus, head of EPA, ignored this. It was a deliberately genocidal move, resulting in about 100 million deaths, mostly women & children in the 3rd world, by malaria. malaria is an awful death. Book, by nuclear… Read more »

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