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The Mask Of Sanity

Alas, behind that mask lurks…INsanity.

Most shops in the UK are requiring shoppers to wear marks. Want to grab a bite to eat? Well, if your local caff or restaurant is serving food on the premises, feel free to remove your mask, but don’t sit close to anyone else.

Masks are mandatory on buses. They are also mandatory on trains, except for passengers who ignore this requirement.

Masks are not compulsory outdoors, unless your name is Kelli and you attempt to address a meeting in the centre of Leeds.

In Melbourne, Australia, masks are compulsory even on the beach, as one pregnant woman found out.

In American courtrooms, everyone is masked up.

The latest idiocy from California – where else? – the latest directive is for diners to, get this, wear their masks between bites, something that was said to have brought ridicule on Governor Newsom.

At the end of August, masks became compulsory for pedestrians in Paris, which is rather cute because the burqa, and face coverings generally, have been illegal in France since 2010.

In China, masks are compulsory for the most part, but many urban Chinese have worn masks for years. Indeed, it was not unusual to see Chinese tourists in the West wearing them on city streets.  The big question though is when will this all end? The sad answer is not any time soon. There is already serious talk about measures being ramped up in the UK, and in the absence of a vaccine or the visitation of a second wave, who knows?

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lynette cracknell chaplin
lynette cracknell chaplin
October 8, 2020

If all we have to do is to wear masks until the contagion comes under some sort of control, I think we must ALL do it, we simply cannot afford another lockdown.

Reply to  lynette cracknell chaplin
October 9, 2020

You ARE aware that wearing a mask is USELESS against viral infection, right? Virus particles are as small as 0.1 to 1.0 MICRONS ( 1 MILLIONTH of an INCH). Almost all surgical masks only filter down to 10 microns AT BEST.

John Wayne
John Wayne
Reply to  BobValdez
October 9, 2020

You ARE aware that people don’t breathe out pure viruses, right? People breathe out droplets of liquid (vapor). That is why it gets stuffy and moist if you wear a well-fitting mask for a long period of time – these droplets DO NOT go through your mask, in either direction. And the viruses they contain do not go through either. Look up “Respiratory droplet”.

October 8, 2020

I wear a mask so nobody can accuse me of infecting them, but I am a secret admirer of those who don’t.

Dee Cee
Reply to  penrose
October 8, 2020

Someone could make that accusation, I guess. But it would require that they assume you have the disease. Do you have the disease? Do they have evidence that you have the disease? No? Then pound sand.

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