The man who destroyed Libya, Nicolas Sarkozy, wants to rethink Schengen to stop Libyan migrants from entering the EU

Who can forget the “Libyan people” thanking Nicolas Sarkozy for his support as the French President visited Tripoli with the British Prime Minister David Cameron. We all know what happened in Libya next.

Both Sarkozy and Cameron, along with their US/NATO masters, were instrumental in dissecting and destroying Libya (which is now an utterly failed state), with a population risking death in order to make their way across the sea to France, Italy and Greece.

Now Sarkozy, one of the architects of Libya’s demise, wants to block the very people he displaced from entering Europe.

Just so we understand Mr. Former President, you wrecked a country that was, at the time, on of the richest, most prosperous nations in Africa…all in the name of “democracy”, and now you won’t even let the very lives you crushed find some solace in the “democratic” European Union.

The leaders of Europe are one sick, disturbed bunch of people.

ITAR TASS News Agency reports…

The principles of the operation of one single European area must be reviewed “top to bottom,” and to this end the European Union member-countries should develop a fundamentally new Schengen agreement that would replace the previous one, said former French President Nicholas Sarkozy who currently heads the country’s leading opposition party, the Union for a Popular Movement.

“It’s necessary to change the conditions of receiving migrants and then to define the conditions of solidarity. We need a Schengen-2,” the French politician told his party’s supporters in the south of the country, the AFP news agency reports.

According to Sarkozy, France is a country “open from a geographical point of view.” However, the issue of regulating the migration flows is becoming more and more acute for Paris. “Of course, we will not leave people to die in the proximity of France, but one thing is to save somebody’s life and quite another – to create a system in which a fraud becomes a rule rather than an exception and which works to the detriment of French tax-payers,” Sarkozy said.


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