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The Great Replacement Isn’t A Theory

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In April this year, Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out that the Democratic Party is importing untold numbers of illegal immigrants in an attempt to created a permanent Democratic majority. The plan is to make all these people and those already here illegally, citizens, who will be so grateful that they will vote for the Democratic Party (and its police state). Carlson said the Democrats were hoping to replace Republicans, and this allusion to “replacement” didn’t go down too well with one of the Democrats’ police state allies.

In an angry letter to the Chief Executive of the Fox News Channel, Jonathan Greenblatt, head honcho of the ADL, demanded Carlson be fired for promoting “white supremacist and antisemitic conspiracy theories”, not for the first time.

This is said to be the theory of Great Replacement by which certain Jews are hoping to destroy the white race, or at least America. Ludicrous, isn’t it? The only problem with the great replacement is that it isn’t a theory, ludicrous or otherwise, because it is happening, and indeed has happened in one form or another many times throughout history. Whatever the Chinese Government is or isn’t doing to the Uyghurs, there can be no doubt whatsoever that it has been slowly replacing the people and the culture of Tibet since the 1950s including its language.

And closer to Mr Greenblatt’s heart, the Zionist movement has been doing the same thing in Israel, replacing Palestinians with Jews, some of the latter with very doubtful Jewish ancestry – ie Russian immigrants. The early Zionist movement actually had a slogan “A land without a people for a people without a land”, except this land did have a people. Jewish immigration to Palestine increased after the Balfour Declaration of November 1917, and increased dramatically due to the Nazi persecution in Europe.

Zionist terror groups began to organise under the British Mandate, and fought “a war within a war” from 1939, murdering dozens of Britons and thousands of Palestinians. This resulted in the Nakba – the  expulsion of the Palestinians in what is still alluded to erroneously as the Israeli War of Independence. Israel has continually expanded its borders ever since. What does Jonathan Greenblatt think of this? He approves!

In an attack on Richard Spencer, who is no fellow traveller of Tucker Carlson, he said “Zionism Is Nothing Like White Supremacy”. Of course it isn’t, although there have been random acts of terror by self-styled white supremacists, there is no organised white supremacist movement in the United States that has been imprisoning, torturing and murdering innocent men, women and children like the Israeli Government has Palestinians, something that has been documented by NGOs like Amnesty International and indeed by Israeli civil rights organisations.

Greenblatt is also way off beam when he talks about Jewish complicity in the Great Replacement, because there are as many Jews fighting against it as promoting it. For example, Stephen Miller who served in the Trump Administration remains an outspoken critic of the Biden Administration, while Laura Loomer has drawn attention to the Democrats’ anti-American policies with a series of high profile stunts that have led to her being banned from social media. If Loomer has one fault it is that she pays too much attention to Islamism (conflating it with Islam) rather than the enemies within.

The current crisis on the southern border is no accident, rather it is deliberate. The people behind it hate America, including its founders, and would like nothing better than to destroy it. Want proof? Here is Noel Ignatiev, who died in 2019, the man who sought to abolish the white race, in his own words, (the dude deconstructing him is the black conservative John McWhorter). And here is the current inhabitant of the White House saying more or less the same thing, albeit in more moderate language. And all the time we are being told there is no border crisis, that Americans – all Americans – are not under threat – and that to claim otherwise is paranoia or a conspiracy theory. Rather than the left wing gaslighting that it is.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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