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The End Of The U.S. Dollar Is Here!

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

The biggest issue in the economic bubble or fairytale or whatever you call it now. People don’t know or don’t acknowledge the petro dollar and the fact that the Dollar is the reserve currency of the world so all banks have their monetary reserves in dollars because of the Petrodollar. There are tons of dollars and we don’t have dollar inflation only because of petrodollar which is dying because of many factors mainly because the US is trying to weaponize dollars. All countries have currency reserves in Dollars, all those countries asked themselves who is next. Who will be next removed from SWIFT and who will have their money stolen. When we have beaten small countries, the rest of the world didn’t do anything. But when we tried to do it, Russia, big countries like India, China, Brazil, Pakistan, Iran all thought they are kind of unreachable because they are too big. But if Russia is reachable they can be next on the menu. Saudis saw this, we need to remember Saudis created Petro dollars for the US for Nixon in 70’ to stop inflation after the US dollar was taken off the gold standard. So if they created a petrodollar and now they are talking about abandoning it. Saudis and Israel were two states who used force to secure the petrodollar. If Saudis abandon petrodollar they will also stop enforcing it, so why would any other country would feel compelled to comply with it. If petrodollars die and all countries holding dollars as currency reserves won’t need them to buy oil, why would any countries have to hold their dollars reserves. Effect of that causes around 30% of the wealth of the world to disappear or world war in my eyes. The West has the military and technological advantage and it could defende petro dollar and dollar dominance by force. Which causes world war. I wrote in march of last year that we have around 5 years to end of western hegemony and fall of western standard of living or world war. Funny thing is most people don’t know about it. Right wing economists started admitting that fall and they say it is coming because we are spending too much and because of inflation caused by debt, while Left wing economists will tell you that it’s because of accumulation of wealth. Meaning millionaires earn most and they spend smaller percent of their wealth so the economy is dying. Since a poor person spends most of their money, by spending that money he is fueling the economy by consumption, while super rich no matter how much they try won’t spend most of their wealth which won’t fuel the economy because they consume less. And by consuming less they won’t create demand that fuels the economy which causes stagnation we got in the West. Both Left and Right economists are right. We have too much social for our companies, I don’t mean workers I mean companies, we subsidised too much of our economy which pushes our spending. We didn’t spend too much on people, we spent too much on subsidising our economies. That caused accumulation of debt and caused accumulation of wealth. But in global terms destruction of the dollar caused by those factors is miniscule to the case of the dollar stopping being world reserve currency. Imagine all those dollars in all those national banks in their monetary reserves being pushed at the same time on the market. Funny thing is China and other countries have shit tons of dollars so they don’t want it now. They are scared of it. Even when we were told Russia was trading oil in Ruble it was not true. Translations were made in dollars but Russia got special access to SWIFT to transfer them to rubles in some way. Since if transactions were done in Dollars and they didn’t have access to SWIFT they would literally give them oil for dollars they have no access to. All this shit to not mess with the dollar and I heard Russia was threatened by China because China was scared of the dollar falling since they have one of biggest dollar reserves so dollar falling will hurt china the most. That was at the beginning but I am afraid China and Russia are too scared of our military actions to the point they were willing to burn all their dollar reserves with the US. Then the West needs to decide we either get the Biggest economic crash and 30% of wealth disappears and we lose our standard of living. And maybe kids in Africa will be finally allowed to not starve to death for our benefit or world war to hold our western dominance and petrodollar. What do you think they will choose? BTW they chose not people for people they will be told Putin is hitler and they will believe it. Question is will Western dominance go out peacefully or with a bang.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen
January 26, 2023

Bang, and nobody can do a shit about it.

January 26, 2023

RE: And maybe kids in Africa will be finally allowed to not starve to death for our benefit

Africans should be feeding themselves, not sent food from America and Russia.
The African population size should reflect this
The Green Revolution was a disaster and the resulting population explosion is the result
So the “elites” cooked up the Covid and Vax solution to the over population problem
We may as well have let The Three Stooges run the world.
The “Age of Stupidty” marches on.
Space to Earth. Space to Earth. Is there any sign of intelligent life on Earth?

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