The elite have blocked my website and can block any web site around the world

Private internet service providers around the world have gotten the discretion right from their governments to block inappropriate content on the Internet and they use it to prevent the progress of humankind.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

I have created with the only intention of presenting how to create a good society. This week I have discovered that the web site is blocked by Internet service providers (ISPs) all over the world. References to my web pages do not work. They generate the error 404 “Not Found.” The purpose of this blockade is to prevent the creation of a bright future of humankind.

Shocked by the criminal censure, I have performed a brief investigation and found that the private internet providers around the world have gotten discrete rights from their governments to block inappropriate content of web sites. My web site exclusively presents a bright future of humankind, and this seems to be inappropriate for the global elite who control ISPs all over the world. For those who are not familiar with what ISP is, they are companies people pay to get access to the Internet.

By using, I have tested the accessibility of my web page The Missing Foundation of Social Sciences, around the world. This page contains a scientific article that presents how to create a good society. From 146 random ISPs around the world, 50 have blocked this page. The company’s names and their locations are given below. The testing sample shows that the global elite hide the truth by controlling 34% of internet providers across the globe. This means hundreds of thousands ISPs around the world block my web site. These are typically the most prominent internet providers, and this means the elite control internet information coming to at least half of the world population.

The blockade of my web site has happened almost instantly, which means the elite have direct control of Internet data coming to at least half of the globe. The elite most likely also control the governments that have given discrete power to ISPs, or these governments naively believe that private ISPs will follow the interests of the people.

Now, what can I do to fight the private criminal ISPs? The best choice would be to target the elite who control them, but they are unknown. People accepted their invisibility a long time ago, even though they are responsible for most of the crimes committed around the world. To make my web site fully visible again, I would need to sue hundreds of thousands of ISPs around the world who are controlled by the elite.

This is impossible, which means I lost access to the visitors I had before. This should concern you, dear readers, because if you start successfully fighting injustice, you will be the next to be blocked no matter who you are. You will also not be able to sue hundreds of thousands of Internet providers around the world who block their customers from seeing or hearing you. You will disappear from the world like you never existed.

The elite already control politics, science, and media. The final consequence of the internet censure is total control of the information coming to people from which there is no defence. The final result is the enslavement of the world population.


I think the elite are well aware that their censorship may result in a global revolution, so they did not block my web site completely. This blockade can still be bypassed by clicking the web site The home page is accessible, while direct access to all other pages is blocked. Fortunately, the local internal links to the articles still work. If people are persistent, they can find the articles they are interested in. They would have to search a large number of pages manually to find items they want to read.

Every reference to and from the web site results in “Not Found.” Meaning if anybody would like to recommend any article from my web site to anybody by sending them the URL to my web pages, will result in “Not Found.” Even refreshing an open article from this web site will result in “Not Found.” Each of my pieces has links that refer to my better explanation of specific issues, and clicking them results in “Not Found.”

If blocking web pages does not work well enough for the elite, they may completely block web sites they do not like. It means people who work on these web sites will be permanently invisible to the world. If we do not resist the censorship of the elite, we will all become slaves of the elite with no chance to escape.

Below is the list of web Internet service providers around the world who blocked my web site in the testing example of 147 ISP providers. You may test if your Internet service provider is a part of the criminal group by clicking this link



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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September 4, 2020

Not blocked here in Melbourne OZ – YET.!!

Hawaii guy
Hawaii guy
September 4, 2020

It’s working now bro, maybe it was a glitch? From Hawaii:)

Reply to  Aleksandar Sarovic
September 6, 2020

When you make the same “check” with it also reports exactly 50 failures (which implies 102 successes). Both urls – as well as – as well as all other urls that represent articles on your website just fail because the webserver at does not serve these urls (at least as far as I tried it). As I informed you (in the meantime) by email, when the respective links are clicked on your website, the contents are actually served from (as JSON-data). It is thinkable that – by some load balancer or something – the request… Read more »

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