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The Democrats Lose The Plot — Totally

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any crazier, the Democrats go not one but two better. There is the incoherent Joe Biden – the man who prefers truth over facts – hiding in his basement churning out carefully selected soundbytes spoonfed to him by his handlers. There is Nancy Pelosi who doesn’t care much about statues while she has a refrigerator full of ice cream, and there is the Squad led by the moronic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who thinks the White House is one of the three branches of government.

Now, as communist thugs riot, attacking the police with impunity while America’s cities burn, Jerry Nadler dismisses the involvement of ANTIFA. It’s a  myth, he told a citizen journalist.

So who has been causing all these disturbances in Seattle; Portland, Oregon, and elsewhere? Susan Rice has the answer to that question: it’s Donald Trump’s political police, or is it his private security firm ZTI? Rice made this bizarre claim on Twitter but took it down when she realised she’d goofed. Alas, she didn’t do so in time, others in the know were able to capture it for posterity, including The Federalist.

Rice is being mooted as a future Vice President for Biden, but if there is any justice in this world she will end up sharing a cell with Hillary Clinton after the latest news from Dan Bongino and others, while Sleepy Joe will be sent to the old folks home along with Robert Mueller. But slightly less senior Democrats are just as far off the planet. There are currently four lawsuits directed at the Federal Government over its “invasion” of Portland. Ellen Rosenblum, the Attorney General of Oregon, wants to stop Federal agents arresting people, in spite of the mass wanton destruction of property and the terrorising of ordinary citizens. Thankfully, the courts appear to think otherwise. Rosenblum and her subordinates have a duty to stop this madness; as clearly they have no intention of doing so, the President has rightly decided he must act.

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John Ellis
July 29, 2020

Republicans are the 25% most wealthy in society.
Democrats are the 25% middle-class.
Laboring-class are the 50% working-poor, thanks to republicans and democrats.

July 31, 2020

To be fair the game show ‘US of Arseholes’ is all about who can be the dumbest, most puerile and irrational. I’d say the contest was neck and neck.

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