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The Deep State In Action

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

A previous article discussed in general terms the concept of the Deep State and why it is so determined to be rid of Donald Trump. This article takes a look at the Deep State in action discussing documented examples of its mendacity from three other Western nations: France, Canada, and the UK. There is nothing theoretical about this article, and its thesis is supported by unimpeachable documentation, much of it official. Instead of focusing on powerful politicians, it will concentrate on the little people, in other words, anyone who is not a member of the ruling elite. Or a police officer.

By way of introduction, it should be pointed out that no reasonable person disputes the existence of the political police or the secret police, including leftists. Indeed, left wing publications have routinely exposed and attacked these shadowy organisations, denouncing them as fascist, but when they target Donald Trump or anyone who might be termed “right wing”, the same leftists look the other way.

We begin with a high profile murder by the French secret service. On July 10, 1985, the DGSE bombed the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior off the New Zealand coast, resulting in the death of 35 year old photographer Fernando Pereira. It is no exaggeration to say the world was stunned at the audacity of this brazen act of terrorism which was intended to send a message to Greenpeace and all other environmental activists. Rainbow Warrior was on its way to protest against a planned nuclear test in French Polynesia.

Known fittingly as Operation Satanic, only two of the plot’s terrorists were brought to justice. In spite of the depraved indifference of their actions, Dominique Prieur and Alain Mafart were convicted only of manslaughter; they were sentenced to a mere ten years in prison apiece. The French Government denied, denied, denied its involvement, launched its own investigation which like the FBI so-called investigation of Hillary Clinton and her gang was nothing less than a whitewash, but eventually admitted its involvement and paid out massive compensation, including to the dead man’s family.

Fortunately, most Deep State actions against individual citizens and pressure groups do not involve actual terrorism, but incitement to terrorism and prosaic violence are not uncommon. In August 2007, undercover police officers in Canada were determined to discredit the massive protests against the G7 meeting, or someone higher up the food chain was. To this effect, they masked up and began throwing rocks but were halted by one courageous trade unionist, an older man who realised they were all wearing the same type of boots as the attendant riot police. The incident was filmed.

In the UK, undercover police have been exposed inciting crimes on many occasions, although whenever possible the authorities turn a blind eye to their sordid activities. In April 1974, career criminal George Davis was arrested on suspicion of being involved in a high profile armed robbery. He was convicted on evidence that was flawed but probably honest, receiving a heavy sentence, but friends, relatives and supporters mounted a high profile campaign which included digging up the cricket pitch at Headingley. This campaign led to Davis being released from prison in 1976, but the following year he was arrested for robbing the Bank Of Cyprus. The gang was caught red-handed; Davis was the getaway driver, but one man avoided capture. He was said to have acted as agent provocateur and police informant. What sort of person sets up and plans a crime only to inform on his co-conspirators then disappear from sight? An undercover police officer, that is who.

In late 1998, early 1999, an undercover female police officer attempted to entrap a journalist who had been subjected to state harassment for several years. If he had taken the “package” she offered him he would undoubtedly have ended up behind bars for several more years. His attempts to expose this entrapment operation were thwarted by stonewalling from the legal establishment all the way up to the High Court.

In between these two brazen acts of incitement there were two high profile instances of undercover female detectives being used as honeytraps by the British police. On January 27, 1992, Patricia Hall disappeared. Her car was found, but there was no trace of her. She was said to be suffering from psychological problems, which can mean almost anything. Her husband Keith soon became the prime suspect; he would later claim he missed his wife, and appealed for her to return, but no sooner had the trail run cold than he was hooking up with a strange woman through a lonely hearts club. That woman was a detective who was later known to the world only as Liz, a particular favourite of corrupt policewomen, it appears.

Whatever, she must have been something special, because Hall was soon swearing his undying love for her, and confessing to murder. He told her he had strangled his wife and burned her body. This led to his standing trial for murder, but the judge ruled the covertly recorded confession inadmissible, and Hall was acquitted. He would later claim this confession was his bizarre sense of humour, but in 2001 he received a 4 year sentence for bashing a neighbour over the head with a brick, which tends to indicate he had the temperament for murder.

The other case of a honeytrap murder confession had far less justification, and was totally contrived. On July 15, 1992, Rachel Nickell was murdered on London’s Wimbledon Common. She was stabbed repeatedly in a frenzied attack in the presence of her son, who was too young to give the police any coherent information. Unlike the Hall case which attracted only limited publicity, this one was massive. The police soon exhausted all possible leads but Colin Stagg, a young, unemployed, introverted and sexually inexperienced individual who lived near Wimbledon Common and often walked his dog there. For some reason they fixated on him, possibly because he claimed to be a pagan.

In order to extract a confession from him, the police used an undercover officer who went by the name Lizzie James. Professing to be interested in the same subjects as him, she extracted what was said to be a confession but was nothing of the kind. Stagg was arrested in August 1993, and spent over a year on remand, but when the case came to court, the trial judge shredded Stagg’s so-called confession and all the other so-called evidence against him. Mr Justice Ognall who would later ascend to the High Court, had a deserved reputation for fairness, and he let it be known in no uncertain terms that the police had attempted to manipulate an innocent and vulnerable man.

Stagg’s convincing acquittal before a jury could hear the case did not deter Keith Pedder, who led the murder hunt. After his retirement he published not one but two books on the case, and he was not shy about pointing the finger at Colin Stagg, who was subjected to such public ostracism that at times he feared for his life.

The Rachel Nickell murder case was finally resolved only in December 2008 with the conviction of sexual psychopath Robert Napper. In 2004, advances in DNA profiling identified him as present at the crime scene. By the time of his trial, murderer and serial rapist Napper had already been detained for over a decade, classified as criminally insane, so his plea of guilty to manslaughter rather than murder in the Nickell case was academic. Except for Colin Stagg.

If the behaviour of the police can be justified in the Hall case and to a degree in the Nickell case, the infiltration of environmentalist groups by undercover police has not even the pretence of justification. If they committed any crimes at all, the vast majority of the people they targeted were involved in low level criminal damage and civil disobedience. One such undercover police officer was Mark Kennedy who spent over seven years posing as Mark Stone. As such he was less a policeman than an agent provocateur; his mischief was not limited to the UK, and at one point he was arrested in Germany for attempted arson, but of course, that case went nowhere.

Another police agent provocateur was Robert Lambert, who joined Greenpeace in London under the pseudonym Bob Robinson. He was one of the authors of the notorious McLibel leaflet, which led to the longest defamation action in British legal history. Like Kennedy, Lambert has been accused of arson, in Parliament. He denied this, but he would, wouldn’t he? He went on to become a university lecturer in of all things terrorist studies, and was rewarded for his perfidy with an MBE.

Mark Kennedy may have been a lowlife, but he had a change of heart and eventually came clean about his activities. Lambert did not do so voluntarily. In addition to their undercover illegality, neither man could keep it inside his trousers, and Lambert actually sired a child with one of the daffy  women he was spying on.  Some of these women, and there were many of them, said they felt as though they had been raped. They hadn’t of course, but one can certainly sympathise with them.

A lot more could be written in this vein, and even more about the activities of undercover police, FBI and other Deep State operatives in the United States. For the moment it will suffice to say that whenever someone accuses you of being a conspiracy theorist for speculating intelligently about the Deep State, all you have to do is mention some of the Deep State actors named herein.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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January 25, 2020

“We begin with a high profile murder by the French secret service. On July 10, 1985, the DGSE bombed the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior off the New Zealand coast, resulting in the death of 35 year old photographer Fernando Pereira.”

So the deep state offed one of their own operatives. Who cares. You sleep with dogs, you get fleas.

January 25, 2020

Trump is a puppet for the deep state!

T W Huning
T W Huning
January 26, 2020

Professing to be interested in the same subjects as he [was]……..

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