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The COVID-19 Lockdown: Economic & Social Impacts – Peter Koenig – The Global Research Report

This video summarizes, with some detail and references, the planned globalization and its attendant horrors for most of the world’s unwitting populations. This plan, executed by an oligarchic and, most probably psychopathic, few who in their ignorance have seen fit to attempt to fashion a world that is in keeping with their eugenicist and elitist machinations. What their plan will initiate is, for most of the human and perhaps animal population, a hell-realm of immense proportions. This plan must not find a footing, first in our psyches, and second, in our shared realities. Please pass this on to those who still believe all is going to be as it was.

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John Ellis
July 24, 2020

The superior speed at which the white race can rationalize problems the fastest, take corrective action the soonest and to do it before the conscience calls out: “Do not enrich your self upon the misery of another!” 

John Ellis
July 24, 2020

WEALTH — Source of all power and glory

For wealth is a unique form of property, the personal property we own above what is needed for a comfortable life. For wealth is the rightful property of those who suffer want, hunger and die among the homeless.  
For if there was no wealth and all property be used for the good of all, wars, hunger and all things evil would be no more.

John Ellis
Reply to  John Ellis
July 24, 2020

For to own wealth, a man needs more than deadly force, he needs a violent desire to use force against anyone who takes his wealth, to invade any country that limits his ability to extract wealth. For wealth is the source of all power and glory, the source of all temptations irresistible and impossible to control. From the moment you extract wealth from the economy where it belongs, until you pass wealth down to a lower class where it can do the most good, you suffer a loss of all ability to control how you live, move and have your… Read more »

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