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Texas teenage girl beaten and abused with hot cooking oil after refusing arranged marriage

FOX News neglects to mention the very likely Islamic background, but provides photos and names that seem consistent with this as an “honor crime” that was perpetrated on AMERICAN soil.

FOX News reported on March 25th about a teenage girl in Texas who was beaten and had hot cooking oil poured on her, allegedly by her parents. She ran away from home in January of this year, and was not found until mid-March when she was taken in by an organization that cared for her after she ran away.

This all according to San Antonio, Texas, television station KSAT. Now while this is a heinous act on its own merit, there is a further aspect to this that must be attended to.

The girl, Maarib Al Hishmawi, and her parents Abdulah Fahmi Al Hishwami and Hamidyah Sabah Al Hishwami, are all Iraqi immigrants to the United States. The reason for this abuse allegedly is because Maarib’s parents had arranged for her to be married to a man in another city for $20,000.

This definitely does not sound like a Christian arranged marriage. For some inexplicable reason, neither KSAT nor FOX reported the nature of this as stemming from Islam. While it is possible that the family may not be acting according to Shari’a law, it is extremely likely that (1) this is the case, and (2) it is a big concern that the detail of this was not mentioned.

Why would this be? Perhaps, in all fairness this is because of the wish to avoid religious prejudice. There is certainly a problem with that about anti-Christian prejudice in the United States. But the press is pretty easy about bringing up Christianity if it seems to support the desired narrative. And, as has been said countless times before, this is because in general, no one is afraid that a Christian will retaliate with further violence.

Maarib Al Hishmawi’s parents Abdulah Fahmi Al Hishwami and Hamidyah Sabah Al Hishwami arrested in connection to allegations of abusing Maarib for refusing an arranged marriage.

So, is that the case here, or are we really trying to be theologically neutral about the fact that a terrible crime was committed? No matter what religious faith is involved, there is no justification for this kind of abuse, after all.

However, in my opinion (and at this point it can truly only be my opinion), this story did not get fair and honest treatment. It seems to have fallen the way of political correctness and fear on much the same way as it did in Great Britain and other European countries. The United States of America, least of all, Texas, does not submit to Shari’a law. This family have been rightly caught and they will be tried. But if this is the result of Islamic justification, then this cannot be allowed to pass and it cannot be ignored.

The Russian Federation has a Muslim population of some 20 percent. There are many, many Muslims here. To my knowledge, there is no allowance of the laws of the Russian Federation that submits the law of a sovereign nation to the inclinations of a religious minority, even though that religion is classed as one of the four state-recongnized religions in Russia. In the winter two years ago, a Muslim woman decapitated a baby she was charged to care for and was wandering the streets near a Metro Station saying “Allahu Akbar!” (God is great!) – and she was given no special privileges because of her religion. She commited a crime against the laws of a sovereign nation and it was made very clear by her actions where she claimed the justification came from.

And, she was wrong. We ought to be able to do as much in our own nation.

It seems that reluctance to do this only helps put this girl one step closer to her grave, because if they get their hands on her again and they are so motivated, she will not last a week.

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