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Talk of Impeachment or 25th Amendment is Wrong

Talk of Impeachment or 25th Amendment is Wrong

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Against the 25th Amendment — and Warily against Impeachment

Against the 25th Amendment – and Warily against Impeachment | National Review

The conduct we’ve witnessed is impeachable, yes. But let’s try to take the temperature down, rather than raising it. hese are dark days in the history of the United States, and no one is feeling them more intensely than Mike Pence. On Wednesday, the vice president admirably turned aside the president’s high-intensity demands that he shred the Constitution.

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January 8, 2021
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The impeachment rumors is an effort to punish and humiliate Trump supporters. Next we will hear more about internment camps to re-educate Trump supporters.

January 9, 2021

Impeachment with this amendment is Not enforceable according to experts,some may find more Trump obnoxious, but that’s hardly a failing of faculty,if anything it’s the other side(Democratic party) that made nice with extremists like antifa,who have been agent provocateurs in the riots last year,with confirmed cases of them handing out bricks,people had their businesses burned down,while they can crowd fund themselves expensive lawyers to keep themselves out of jail..If you are Not consistent with anyone flouting the law,you have hypocrisy and chaos..

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