Syria honours Russia Day in Damascus

Two countries united in a common struggle–sharing common joys

Russia and Syria have always been close, but the recent mutual struggle against terrorism has brought the two countries even close together.

Russian dignitaries and diplomats in Syria recently celebrated Russia day with their Syrian partners.

These images below show an event that was enjoyed by representatives of both nations in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

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June 14, 2017

Respect for others enables respect for oneself. The Russians appear to have been blessed with a King Solomon in their President. A wiseman. May he who oversees Creation give them even more. Three cheers for Russia! You dear peoples of the Russian Republic, have a rendezvous with an appointment the Creators given you. Some have already sensed it, but alas among the electorate still has not dawned. But they shall for the time draws near. Nevertheless, be much aware of He who provides breath to your soul and Him revere. No man and no land can surpass the Maker, by… Read more »

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