Swedish police arrest man for having big muscles

Sweden has always been a stronghold of feminist ideology and a petri-dish of misandry experimentation.

The Swedish government prides itself in its repression of the male gender, with initiatives such as removing urinals from public toilets in order to force men to sit while they pee. The proposal was placed before parliament and failed to pass, nevertheless the Swedes do love to try radical policies aimed at humiliating men.

So it comes as no surprise when news like this hits the wires…

Two police officers in southern town Lund spotted a man with large muscles working out at a gym. They took him in on suspicion of narcotics crime, and once at the station made him go through a drugs test. They also frisked the man.

On Thursday, however, the Justice Ombudsman (Justititeombudsmannen – JO) said that big muscles were not adequate grounds for arrest nor to suspect a person of taking drugs to enhance their workout routines.

Last month, another Swede was outraged when his own big muscles prevented him from becoming a model.

For now, this muscle man escaped, but soon enough (if Swedish feminists have their way), being built will be enough to place you in prison.


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