Swedish Feminist Party: We can’t deport terrorists!? “Where would they have to go!”

Stockholm is stricken with terrorist Stockholm syndrome

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Modern, third wave feminists operating in the first world aren’t the brightest people, but sometimes their stupidity is so dangerous to Mankind, that its deserving of the Darwin award. Congratulations Swedish feminists, this is one of those times.

Now I understand why Stockholm syndrome is named after Sweden’s capital, however, this may be proof that Darwin’s theory of evolution is not quite accurate. First of all, with the number of times these people have been winning the Darwin award, the fact that they still survive to this day must prove divine intervention. Furthermore, Sweden once produced the bands of Scandinavian raiders and traders and raiding traders known famously as the VIKINGS.

Rurik, Russia’s founder was possibly from Gotland, Sweden, this is what they were:

These were the same people (Varangians) who later went on to found the Motherland of Mammoths and Patriots, Great and Holy Russia.

Now, this is what Sweden has become…if anything Sweden is developing with time.

According to Voice of Europe:

Gita Nabavi was elected as one of the leaders of Sweden’s Feminist Initiative party. Nabavi is a supporter of increased migration to Sweden and of zero deportations.

“Ideally, I would like to see that we have completely open borders and that no one is deported, we are working in that direction,” Nabavi told Swedish news outlet SVT Nyheter.

It seems our silly Swedish friend has a nasty case of Stockholm syndrome, because clearly, she has more sympathy for mass murdering rapists plaguing Europe and her own country, then she does for her own people. When asked about the fate of one of Sweden’s terrorists who murdered five people, this is what she said:

“In that case, we should deport anyone who commits crimes and murders, where would they have to go? Just because they are not born here does not mean they are not our responsibility.”

In Nabavi’s words criminals and terrorist can stay in the country and shouldn’t be deported, because Sweden is responsible for them. According to her, the Feminist Initiative’s ideas, will lead to a better world:

“Just like everybody else in the feminist movement, we are here because we want change. We look at our environment, at our society and at the world and we know we can do this better”, she said.

A Swedish YouTuber made a hilarious video on why Russia would never actually want to invade Sweden, and if she did, Russia would quickly be horrified at the Swedish feminists and choose to leave as quickly as possible.

He does jokingly say that if Russia actually did plan on invading Sweden, they wouldn’t need an army, they could just do it via immigration like everyone else. If Swedish feminists want to let murdering terrorists stay in the country, that may actually work.

Moreover, this is how the feminists betray themselves as not, in fact, caring about the plight of women. Europe has been plagued by a crisis of violent refugees, pretending to be Syrian, (when they are in fact not even remotely related to Syrians by simple DNA tests), who come and rape and kill European women. If Swedish feminists really cared about women, they would be drawing attention to that issue, as this Slovenian youtuber amazingly did [check her out].

#MeToo SJWs ignore #120db: Mass RAPES of European women [Video]

Instead, our sisters die in the streets of Mother Europa, while feminists are more concerned with making sure terrorists don’t get deported by racists. If they were really so racially sensitive, they could take a moment to figure out what a Syrian actually is, open a history book, or the Bible for that matter, which mentions Christians were first called by that name in Antioch, Syria, and notice that this:

Syrian President Assad and First Lady

Looks nothing like this:

Swedish feminists consider the former to be enemies, whereas the later, friendly refugees who “enrich” Swedish culture.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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