Study scientifically CONFIRMS conservatives are more good looking than liberals

A report authored by professors from two respected American universities says physically attractive people are more apt to subscribe to right-wing politics

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You knew it already. People with good looks are more likely to be conservative.

As if the hordes of slovenly dressed, ill-mannered, obese SJWs with neon-dyed hair weren’t enough proof on their own.

Now there’s scientific evidence to show that people who think right, tend to dress right too.

Sputnik has the report:

Good-looking individuals are more likely to have right-wing political views than less physically attractive people, according to a university study.

The authors of the report, Rolfe D. Peterson from the US Susquehanna University and Carl L. Palmer from the Illinois State University, examined the connection between physical attractiveness and political beliefs, applying multiple surveys measuring people’s attractiveness.

More attractive individuals are more politically efficacious than their peers and more likely to identify as conservative and Republican than less physically attractive citizens of comparable demographic backgrounds,” the report read.

A person who is less attractive and less politically efficacious may be less likely to exercise their political rights and take part in politics, according to the report.

Physical attractiveness biases may, therefore, produce substantial biases in political activism and the propensity for individuals to be empowered in politics and government,” the report noted.

The authors recognized, however, that there were limitations to the findings of the survey, given the fact that many analyses were based on a single, subjective assessment of a person’s physical appearance. Yet, according to Peterson and Palmer, the work could be useful for further understanding of the motivations of people’s political behavior.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Isabella Jones
Isabella Jones
February 1, 2018

This may well be true. It shouldn’t surprise us that, having created a culture where everything is assessed, graded, paid, deemed desirable etc on external appearances – we end up with a social division along those lines. Stephen Covey detected, in studying the history and content of success literature down the ages, a substantial change occurred in the mid 1930s. This was the change from what he called “Character ethics” to “Personality ethic”. Character based success literature told its readers that success depended on internal ethical structure, such as being honest, never lying, working hard, dressing decently, being co-operative and… Read more »

Tim Webb
Tim Webb
Reply to  Isabella Jones
February 1, 2018

Somewhat lengthy, Isabella, ( so I haven’t read it all ) but the source code for this social change is clearly laid out here, and its provenance.
But its effect was by no means unintended.

john vieira
Reply to  Tim Webb
February 2, 2018

Did not read it entirely…but the “Dark Age” struck a chord…according to some it is cyclical and the age of light that followed the last IS coming to an end…in the last 40 odd years their has been a marked escalation of what I termed “going full speed ahead…in reverse”…and it is increasing …in the wrong direction….and is it just coincidence that the “ideology” that came into being at the start of the last DA and reigned in bloody terror accumulating a body count along the way well into the 100’s of millions, from Cadiz to Delhi and parts North… Read more »

February 2, 2018

Face it – historically and now, leftists are ugly!

Nadia Dennis
Nadia Dennis
Reply to  daveycrockett
February 4, 2018

🙂 however, true…

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