Social media pics now part of prenup

Every red pill man should know by now how toxic Facebook, Instagram and all the bunch are to any marriage or long term relationship.  Simply put, social media (especially the heavy photo sharing sites) are validation crack for a women.

If we once thought that females got off on the occasional whistle while walking down the street, than sites like FB are fast food ego boosts with minimal effort required. Just snap, post and watch all the white knight beta men click the “like” button in the hope that one day they may be the chosen one.

Regardless of the toxicity of the medium, social media is here to stay and now finding its way into the institution of marriage. And if social media has now become a thing married people do, then social media can also be a thing that causes divorce, which is why the “social media prenup” is becoming a standard part of the overall document.

So what exactly would a “social media prenup” state?

CBS Philly reports:

A typical social media clause states that couples can’t post nude or embarrassing photos that might harm their significant other’s reputation.

“It’s just a way for people to really put down on paper what the expectations are that after you’re divorced or when you’re in the midst of a divorce that you’re going to treat each other with respect,” says Aaron Weems, partner at the law firm Fox Rothchild.

“If you acquire this digital media over the course of the marriage, you have a responsibility not to expose it to any third party,” Weems says, “or take that and utilize it on any social media site that’s going to get immediate exposure.”

Social media prenups are not just for celebrities or high-profile couples. Everyone, it seems, needs to protect their offline self from their crazy selfies.

“It’s for anybody that has a business that’s really built upon and relies upon their personal brand, whether it’s an interior designer or an attorney,” Weems says. “These types of things are important and can result on people losing their jobs and their livelihood.”

“We don’t live in the age where you can just turn over the photos and burn the negatives and you’ve now prevented yourself from ever having to see something embarrassing exposed,” Weems says. “This digital media travels, its difficult to remove once its on the Internet.”

And going back to the toxicity of social media, well how about this stat:

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more than 80 percent of divorce attorneys say the involvement of social networking in divorce proceedings is on the rise.

Of course the best defence against social media destroying your relationship is to just not use the damn thing. Remember when we used to call, email or meet people in person.


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