George Clooney is trying to protect his $220M fortune before his wedding. Why put yourself in harms way George?

Why would George Clooney ever get married! No need to explain this any further. Any man in his enviable position should know by now that marriage (especially under American law) is about the riskiest endeavour a super high SMV alpha male could possibly undertake.
While we hope for the best for George, we have hunch that (judging from the long list of great men destroyed by marriage before him) this will not end well.

Radar online reports that trouble is already starting to brew even before Clooney signs away his life…

George Clooney‘s upcoming nuptials to fiancee Amal Alamuddin is turning out to be disastrous — a prenup the couple has been arguing over, worries about a guest list feud and their wedding planner quitting — and the couple might not even make it down the aisle!
A new report from The National ENQUIRER claims the Hollywood playboy has been negotiating and “fighting” with soon-to-be wife‘s legal team over a $220 million wedding contract.

Of course coming from The National ENQUIRER, we do need to take these reports with a large grain of salt, but also taking into effect that Clooney is worth gobs of money and about as high on the Social Market Value chain as you can get, marriage leaves him wide open for a major fall…unless of course he can put together a rock solid prenup.

“Clooney is worth an estimated $220 million. Given his shaky track record with women over the years, including a difficult divorce from his first wife and the brief longevity of most Hollywood marriages in general, I think he needs to make sure he has a prenuptial agreement that’s ironclad,” divorce attorney Raoul L. Felder told The ENQUIRER.
“He has a lot to worry about and a lot to lose if he doesn’t proceed with the utmost care and caution. The fact that (his fiancee) is a lawyer is strike one against him. I expect his lawyers are being very careful and ‘fighting’ her lawyers over every point.”
Indeed, Alamuddin’s intellect and successful career was an attraction for Clooney, but now it may work against him.

I would worry less about Alamuddin’s intellect and more about divorce laws in the U.S.A. if I was Clooney.
Once the marriage papers are signed all leverage and power in the relationship transfers over to Alamuddin, and then the real fun for Clooney begins. Clooney has given up the most precious asset he had as an alpha male…his freedom.

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