Sex simply for fun. The inventor of the contraceptive pill believes that by 2050 most people will choose to start families through IVF

The pill will be deemed redundant? Sex will just be for recreational purposes?

This is what the inventor of the contraceptive pill believes will take place by 2050. The Daily Mail UK reports…

Professor Carl Djerassi, 91, believes the Pill could become redundant as soon as 2050, as more men and women choose to start a family through the ‘insurance policy’ of IVF, even if they do not have fertility problems.

It means would-be parents would freeze their eggs and sperms before being steralised, rendering the Pill pointless.

The professor – who played a crucial role in developing the oral contraceptive in 1951 – says advances in fertility treatment will create a ‘generation manana’ in which people know they can control the timing of parenthood, without any repercussions.

But it also means sex will become a futile exercise for those wanting to reproduce – and will instead become purely recreational.

As one reddit commenter notes…If Djerassi’s prediction bears out, then the repercussions will be huge:

The state will go broke having to fund the upbringing of the test-tube bastards via massive welfare expenditures since the mothers will receive no child support payments.

The number of biological fathers for all children will be drastically reduced since only relatively few anonymous sperm donors with the best genetic traits will pass on their genes.

The decreased bio-diversity in the gene pool will result in a lot of half-siblings unknowingly having coitus. Compound this over generations, and there will be much inbreeding, contributing to the decline and death of mankind.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, Djerassi said:

“The vast majority of women who will choose IVF in the future will be fertile women who have frozen their eggs and delayed pregnancy.”

I predict that many of these women will be fertilised by IVF methods because of the advances in genetic screening. And once that happens then IVF will start to become a normal non-coital method of having children.”

“For them, the separation between sex and reproductions will be 100 per cent.”

What about the age old issue of a male contraceptive pill? All things being equal, men too, should be able to choose whether they wish to impregnate a women.  For this the professor:

…cast doubt on the possibility of a male contraceptive pill, claiming it would take too long to test whether the product would have an impact on sperm quality.

Equal rights???


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