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SCARY FUTURE: Social Distance Waltz as teenagers dance back to back

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‘Socially Distanced Prom’ Shows Teens Dancing Back to Back

Bizarre ‘Socially Distanced Prom’ Shows Teens Dancing Back to Back

A company based out of Utah has developed a ‘space helmet’ type pod for people too afraid to travel with only a mask for protection, adding to the range of panic pod equipment on offer. Hall Labs has produced the Microclimate Air helmet, which can be pre-ordered now for just $199 and will begin shipping in weeks.

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October 13, 2020

Let’s hope the young people of the Czech republic are making a political statement in protest.

Unfortunately we don’t know.

After all central Europe was misled twice in the last 100 years.

Stunned at Sunset
Stunned at Sunset
October 13, 2020

Why are human intellects so vulnerable to “Doublespeak” and propaganda? Look how ridiculous this all is! JUST SAY NO!

Hawaii guy
Hawaii guy
October 14, 2020

“When the historians write this period, it will be a subject of incredible amazement and scorn,” that statement is an understatement. I think what most people (almost the global population) are missing is once this” plan” is complete there won’t be a global population to write about this period of man. The reason? There’s a very real Nova starting in our solar system which is brought on every 12,068 years by the galactic current sheet from our milkyway galaxy. It starts with causing our solar systems poles to wonder and then flip when enough galactic dust is brought around our… Read more »

Hunter Biden’s Burisma buddy is going to prison

Barr-Durham investigation drags on despite mountains of evidence pointing to coup