Russia’s modern Faberge breathes new life into Orthodox traditions

Sincerity of popular faith


Vladimir Mikhailov, famous Russian jeweller revives Orthodox spiritual images in his work. Working with a blessing from the church, artist’s spiritual collection includes Orthodox crosses, icons, rigs, Easter eggs. His gold and silver creations with elements of aquamarines, sapphires and diamonds of high purity can be passed on as family shrines for generations to come. Using unique Novgorod technique, dating from medieval times, the modern artist is not afraid of experimenting with natural materials in construction of his masterpieces.



Mikhailov’s pieces establish a relationship between the present and the past. A unique combination of tradition and modernity, freshness of personal perception and contemporary art give sincerity to popular faith.

Artist’s handcrafted treasures have received world-renowned praise and are currently displayed in galleries of major Russian and European cities.

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